Sesame Seed Candies

Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #labels #tags #giftboxes

In celebration of the freshness of spring, I’ve been on the lookout for a new kind of sweet treat recipe to share with everyone. The recipe I found on provides the tools to make the sesame seed candies that you see everywhere in stores. This recipe is not only great for sesame seeds, but you can add all kinds of nuts and dried berries as well. A truly fresh breakaway from my (tried and true) base cookie recipe; this recipe is so easy, you can start 15 minutes before a dinner party, and the candies will be ready for your guests to closely follow the main course.

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Sesame Seed Candy

Adapted from

Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #sweets


2 Cups Sesame Seeds (white sesame seeds have a softer taste than the black)
¼ Cup White Sugar
¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar
¼ Teaspoon Salt
¼ Cup Honey

What You Will Need:

Parchment Paper
Medium Non-Stick Saucepot
Rolling Pin
Large Chopping Knife
Cooking Spray
A Wooden Spoon

Start by clearing a space on your counter. Tear a large swatch of parchment paper, lay it on your surface, and spray with cooking spray.

Place your saucepot on the stove over medium-low heat. Measure out the sugars, honey, and salt, and put it all in the pot! After about 5 minutes of heating, the sugar begins to melt. Stir throughout this process. However, it is on medium-low heat, so leaving it for a bit to multi-task (my own regular pastime), is totally doable.

Continue to stir the sugar mix until there is no sign of granules and appears very liquid, much like syrup. At this point, you can decide to continue to soft-ball stage of heating sugar, which will make your sesame seed candies crunchier. I chose to stop just short, making my version a bit chewier.

Remove from heat and stir the 2 cups of sesame seeds with your wooden spoon. Stir until all the sesame seeds are coated. The mixture will start pulling away from the sides. Pour the ‘dough’ onto the parchment paper, spray another sheet of parchment with cooking spray and lay on top. Using the rolling pin, roll the sesame dough into a ¼ inch thick sheet.

Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #sweets

Allow the dough to dry for about 10 minutes. Then, as the final step, cut the sheet into squares. I considered using cookie cutters for a cute shape, but couldn’t bear wasting the excess. Its possible you could re-roll the dough if you work while still hot, but the squares came out lovely and classic, all the same. The pieces should dry for at least another hour, and longer if you’re in a humid climate.

Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #sweets [printfriendly]

Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #packaging #tags #labels #giftbox

I stacked four squares inside each box, then added tags and labels in the bubbly and sunny Swing style.

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Sesame Seed Candy #recipe #homemade #packaging #tags #labels #giftboxes [printfriendly]

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