Simple DIY Misloach Manot for Kids: Cookies & Milk

A simply adorable (and *incredibly* easy!) DIY Purim gift idea for all the little ones this year!

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What you’ll need:

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-Cookies (we used chocolate chip from a local bakery, but a traditional homemade hamantaschen would be delicious here too!)
-Single-Serving Milk Carton (we choose a kind that does not require refrigeration, for hassle-free gifting!)
-Small paper cups
-Evermine Cellophane Bags (large)
-Evermine Gingham Style Circle Spice Labels in color: “Cobalt”, font choice: Bonjour in color: “Bright Pink” (our spice labels allow you to put a different name on each label!!)
-Evermine Gingham Style Fancy Diamond Hang Tags in color: “Cobalt”, font choice: Bonjour in color: “Bright Pink”
-Paper Straws

Pictured Products Personalized Hang Tags
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