Simple Gift: DIY Mini Picnic Blanket Favors

DIY Picnic Blanket Favors | The Evermine Blog |
Aren’t Picnics full of just the most magical moments? It’s a combination of being out in nature, eating delicious food, and being surrounded by laughter and chatter. So for a mini girlfriend getaway from the laundry, dishes, and to-do lists, I have planned a picnic extraordinaire!

DIY Picnic Blanket Favors | The Evermine Blog |
These mini picnic blanket favors will be ‘oh so cute’ to give to each friend. I’ve wrapped them each with a cute tag in a pretty picnic style to make the day even more personal. I chose to create these picnic favors by using two squares of fabric: one for us to sit on as a mini picnic blanket, and one for us to use as a place mat for our lunch.

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DIY Mini Picnic Blanket Favors | The Evermine Blog |
These will be the perfect size for a hike, keeping the weight light, and will double as both a spot to sit on and a place to eat. All you need to find is two squares of fabric of similar size. Then just roll them up together with a ribbon and add a personalized gift tag.

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DIY Mini Picnic Blanket Favors | The Evermine Blog |
A simple and useful take-home gift to keep the picnic memories long lasting, even after the sun goes down!

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