Simple Gift: Personalized Coasters

Simple Gift: Personalized Coasters | Evermine Blog |
I hear 30 is the new 20. What do you think?

A couple years into my fourth decade, I still sometimes feel like a kid, but I’d say there have been a few shifts since the 30s hit. Among my friends, the average weekend bedtime is several hours earlier, the party vices reduced by about half, and as a trade off, homes and relationships are a little more established. There might be fewer—but more elaborately themed—parties and it seems like the furniture is slightly nicer than it was 10 years ago.

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Simple Gift: Personalized Coasters | Evermine Blog |
I wanted to provide a tribute to those bands of friends who established the party houses from my 20s, but who now might have a reasonably nice coffee table. The perfect solution was, of course, personalized coasters. If you’re short on time or energy to put together something homemade, I’ve found that a thoughtful personalized coaster is received with the same, truly charmed grin. It is such a thrill to make someone feel special, isn’t it?

Simple Gift: Personalized Coasters | Evermine Blog |
I chose the styles of my coaster gifts, Gatsby in tuxedo, Chalkboard in blue, and Katniss in tangerine, to match the feel of the house, then I added few kind words about the spirit of the home. I placed a special request for the Katniss label—to remove the heart and place the fourth text field above the arrows.

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Simple Gift: Personalized Coasters | Evermine Blog |
After I presented one of these coaster gifts at a party recently, an on-looking friend admiring the coaster set and wanting a set of his own, said to me, “That is cool,” then to his wife, “We have to name our house.”

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