Simple Gift: ‘Soda-lighted’ Soda Block Party Favors

Soda-lighted block party favors with personalized favor tags from Evermine {}
Block parties are a great way to get to know the people who also call your street home. Where neighbours are friendly, there is an increased sense of community, reduced crime, and pride of ownership (or rentership!). This is why there is a community small grants program where I live where neighbours get together and apply for funds to host a community-building activity. Some host workshops, some clean up the streets, some even do art projects or teach canning classes. Our street though? We had a party!

Soda-Lighted neighborhood block party favors with personalized favor tags from Evermine {} #DIY #gift
You may ask yourself,”How can a party be a good use of a grant?” Simply put, when you go out the front door to attend a block party, you are engaging with your community, and that turns neighbours into friends. Perhaps you will meet someone who you can trade tools with. Perhaps you will find out that an elderly neighbour needs a little help with the garden throughout the year. Or maybe you will find a child to pass down some toys that your children have grown out of. Whatever the results, it comes from a little time outdoors on the street with a hot dog and soda.

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Soda-Lighted block party soda favors with personalized favor tags from Evermine {} #DIY #gift
This easy project makes the soda table a little more special. With a soda bottle displaying a tag bearing a compliment and a quirky pun, you have all you need to break the ice. I chose these vintage-style tags to complement the vintage-style glass soda bottles, which is really all that is needed to dress them up. This project took me only a few minutes to tie on the tags, and I must say that I am soda-lighted with the results!

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Soda-lighted block party favors with personalized favor tags from Evermine {}

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