Simple Gift Idea: Split Pea Soup #homemade #labels #packaging

This is about the easiest gift of any you could possibly make. And it is simple for the recipient too; there is nothing on earth easier to make than split pea soup! Plus it comes with such a satisfying reward: it is so delicious and warming on a winter day. All you really need to make great split pea soup is split peas, salt and water. You can add all kinds of things if you have the energy and time – celery, onions, garlic, chives, tiny diced carrot bits, parsley, ham bacon; but it’s the peas that make it good, and add-ons are just that, they add color or texture or a slight variation of taste, but the essential to good split pea soup is, well, the split peas.

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Simple Gift Idea: Split Pea Soup #homemade #labels #packaging

Split Pea Soup Mix

To make split pea soup mix, pour 1 cup split peas and 1/2 teaspoon of salt into each 8-ounce glass jar. Seal with lid, and add your own custom labels.

Simple Gift Idea: Split Pea Soup #homemade #labels #packaging

Our text for text label:
“Cooking instructions: Pour contents of jar into a saucepan, add water to cover by 2 or 3 inches. If desired, add bacon or ham cut into small bits. Bring to boil, then turn down heat and simmer for about an hour. At the end of cooking, add more hot water if needed to thin. Serve with crackers, croutons, or warm cornbread with butter and honey. Warm and yummy! Compliments of David”

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Simple Gift Idea: Split Pea Soup #homemade #labels #packaging

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