Small Business Spotlight: Leslie’s Handmade Candy

Leslie Raby of Leslie’s Handmade Candy

After seeing so many of Leslie’s label orders for yummy-sounding sweets, we got curious and reached out for an interview. Oh my goodness, are we glad we did! Leslie very kindly agreed to let us feature her and generously sent us a boxful of beautifully packaged, delicious candies to photograph – and enjoy! We love her perfect presentation of neatly-wrapped candies, nicely incorporated labeling and decorative finishing touches. Her Halloween Mummy Pretzels and Frankenstein & His Bride set are super clever and cute. And yes, all the caramels and chocolates are as wonderful as they look!

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How did you get started making and selling candy?
In 2007, I began by making the traditional flavor of caramels for co-workers and family. As I became more experienced and the quality and consistency improved, I began to explore with many unique flavors. People told me that I should start selling them as they were so amazing. In 2009 I became licensed to make candy from home. Then in 2010, I left a job of seven years to run my business full time and promote my products by selling wholesale and retail. Today my business has increased so much that I’ve had to expand my work space to keep up with demand. I plan to create a website once I can obtain much needed manufacturing equipment.

What is your workspace/candy kitchen like? Are you solo or do you have candy-making elves?
I am currently manufacturing my candy by hand, from cooking, cutting to packaging. I hand wrap about 6000+ caramels a week with the help of my husband if needed. He has become a wonderful addition to the company… like the Oompa Loompa of my candy business. Haha! Lucky guy 😉

What do you enjoy most about making and selling candy? 
I’m drawn to this business by a passion for cooking and a love of confections, and being an entrepreneur brings me a sense of accomplishment knowing that through my hard work others can enjoy something sweet. I’m proud to have developed my own recipes that are becoming known for their quality and taste.

Where can candy fans find your products?
I sell my candy in a few small local stores in Utah. I also take orders and offer shipping to my customers. They can email me at for a list of my candies (including my seasonal flavors) and follow/contact me on facebook:

What is your favorite product to make and why?
My favorite product to make is handmade caramels as they are my specialty. I love creating new flavors all the time!

You do have a lot of caramel flavors! Please share a list so we can crave them even more.
I make many traditional and unique flavors such as: Butter Cream, Butter Pecan, Butter Sea Salt, Black Licorice, Orange Cream, German Chocolate, Hot Cocoa, S›mores, Red Cinnamon, Chocolate & Almond, Sweet Almond, Caramel Apple, Candy Apple, Mulled Cider, Chocolate Walnut, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Honey & more…

What are your most popular and personal favorites?
My most popular are the traditional flavors and Butter Sea Salt – which is sweet buttery caramel topped with a coarse sea salt. The combination is divine!! One of my favorites is the German Chocolate Caramel. It’s made with a chocolate caramel base, topped with a buttery caramel that includes chopped pecans and shredded coconut. Tastes just like a slice of German Chocolate cake!

What would you especially like us to know about your business?
Leslie’s Handmade Candy is an owner-operated confectionery kitchen producing exceptional handmade chocolate and caramels, and specializing in distinctively flavored caramels. In addition to flavored caramels, my product line includes English Toffee, a variety of Creamy Truffles, Caramel Nut Clusters, Chocolate Caramel Pretzels, and Gourmet Caramel Corns. Products are made fresh when orders are placed to give my customers the quality and freshness they deserve! Leslie’s Handmade Candy also creates custom gift baskets to suit any occasion and budget. Holiday baskets make a fun gift and can include seasonal flavors! For weddings I offer candy favors that coordinate with chosen colors and styles. They’re packaged with pre-tied ribbons and of course custom Evermine labels.

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Why did you choose Evermine?
I would like to express my gratitude to Evermine for a fabulous business relationship and friendship over the past several years. I am drawn to Evermine for their quality and the unique professional designs they have to offer!


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