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Stacey & Dave of Whole Harmony

Attracted by Whole Harmony’s array of wonderful-sounding teas, we contacted Stacey to learn more about her company’s offerings and what inspires her to create them. We love that everything about her products is very thoughtfully presented – from the way the tea is layered in the jars to the fresh design and colors of the artwork for each label. It’s really clear that this is a heartfelt endeavor for Stacey and we’re happy to share her story.

How did you get started making and selling teas and tonics?
Due to my own health issues (infertility) I sought out alternative medicines that may help with our dilemma. I had read Traditional Chinese Medicine did wonders for women’s reproductive health. I started seeing a Chinese Herbalist who did an intake on me and I began to notice changes in my well being. I couldn›t get over how this type of medicine really worked. That’s when I became fascinated with TCM & herbs in general. I immediately started attending the CT Institute of Herbal Studies. Then continued on with Ayurvedic, Botany, Community, Clinical and lastly Farm To Pharmacy.

Pictured Products Custom Labels

What do you enjoy most about your business?
We mostly enjoy helping people. One of the main lessons I learned on my own health journey was how disconnected I was to my own health. I relied on someone else (a doctor) to tell me how I feel instead of listening to my own body. I also didn’t view my physical health being connected to my mental, emotional, spiritual or sexual health. Or how when one is out of balance they are all out of balance. I started becoming the whole instead of the part (Whole Harmony). I also became aware that I needed a safe space in my own health/healing to be able to make changes. Part of the safety meant acceptance and not judgement. It was at this point that I realized that in order to help people I need to offer an environment of acceptance and safeness to create healing and a willingness for people to want to change their health.

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Describe your workspace and what product creation looks like for you.
We have a beautiful medicinal herb farm where we’re able to grow a good amount of our own herbs. We grow, harvest, dry and make stunning plant medicine. We layer our teas to look the plant. We place the roots on the bottom, then the stalks, leaves, berries and petals on top.

What are your most popular tea blends and your personal favorites?
Our Immune Builder is our Best Seller. However, our Heart & Soul blend won 1st place at the CT Specialty Food Competition a few years ago. My current favorites are the Goddess Blend & our Gingerbread Blend!

How do you gather inspiration for new or special blends?
Mostly when our customers ask if we can make a special blend for random imbalances.

Is there anything you would especially like us to know about Whole Harmony?
Our product, our brand, and ourselves are as real as it gets. During one of our Herbal Study Programs, we really connected to our teacher speaking about how necessary it is to go out into our communities to talk about Plant Medicine. To talk about health and medicine – what it is, what it isn’t. This really hit home with us and it’s something we continue to do today. Not only in our local communities but regionally and across the US. The fabulous part is that so many people that we talk to are ready for a change in the way we view health and medicine.

Pictured Products Custom Labels

Where can tea and tonic lovers find your products?
Our products can be found online at We’re also in about a 100 different retail stores across the US. A full list can be found on our website.

Why did you choose Evermine?
When we first started out years ago, it was important to me to have the design of our teas be stunningly beautiful. We eat with our eyes first, then smell, then taste. Visually, I wanted our teas to embody the whole plant.

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While researching labels, I stumbled upon Evermine and was excited that I got to create our own labels. However, what really solidified our relationship was their customer service. I think what defines you as a company is how you respond to your customers. Evermine’s level of committment to our business is priceless. We wouldn’t think of going to another company.

Pictured Products Custom Labels

It’s a pleasure working with Stacey of Whole Harmony and we’re honored to print labels for her lovely products. A big thanks to her for taking time for our questions – and for the delicious tea blends and Elderberry syrup we’ve been enjoying so much.


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