Soy Tin Candles

Warming up with the fragrance and glow of natural candles couldn’t be easier as shown in this recipe for making soy candles. Melt, pour, and then decorate the jars for the perfect gift!

• Metal tins with lids
• Waxed and wired wicks with tabs
• Hot glue gun
• Double boiler
• Soy wax
• Thermometer

Optional Materials:
• Crayon pieces or wax dye
• Natural essential oils for fragrance

1. Use the hot glue to secure the wick tabs to the bottom of the tins.
2. Add wax in small pieces to a double boiler and warm over medium heat until the wax is melted.
3. Add colour by dropping in bits of crayon into the hot wax and stirring to reveal the colour.
4. When the wax reaches 140°F, add the essential oils. Use 1 teaspoon of essential oil per pound of wax.
5. Cool the wax to 110°F and carefully pour into the tins. Prop up the wicks with chopsticks to keep them in place.
6. Place all the candles tightly nestled together and wrap the outsides with a towel so that they cool slowly for the best looking candles.
7. Allow your candle to cure for 48 hours undisturbed then trim wicks to ¼” above the wax.

You are now ready to decorate the jars with some fabulous labels and give them as a perfect holiday gift!

Check out the Garden Therapy Handmade Shop for Soy Candle Making Kits. Each kit contains the right wax, wicks, and natural scents so all you need is to choose your containers and design the perfect labels.

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    Hi! I’m interested in making these as thank-you’s for my customers. 2 questions: Can you please post “recipes” for the scents you made? They sound amazing! And do the crayon pieces make the candle smell like crayon when it burns? If I wanted really vibrant colors, I’m afraid it’ll smell weird :-/ Thanks!

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