DIY Spa in a Jar with personalized tags and labels from evermine (
A Spa in a Jar is a wonderful gift for someone who could use some pampering. For this gift set I choose an uplifting and healing scent combination: eucalyptus / mint. You can create this whole set in a few hours and customize it to have just about any scent you can think of.

Spa in a Jar with personalized labels from Evermine (
I use essential oils in all of my homemade bath and body products and some of my favorite combinations are lavender / grapefruit, lemongrass / ginger, rosemary / spearmint, and basil / bergamot. Choose label colors to coordinate with the theme of your scents and you will have a very polished gift.

This set contains:

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Healing Lip Balm

Spa in a Jar with Personalized Labels from Evermine (
To make this lip balm, follow the recipe for Candy Cane Lip Balm while replacing the vanilla essential oil for eucalyptus.

Herbal Foot Soak

Spa in a Jar | Evermine Occasions |
To make this foot soak, follow the recipe for this Herbal Foot Soak and put it into a small jam jar like these.

Sugar Scrub

Spa in a Jar tutorial with personalized labels from Evermine (
To make this sugar scrub, follow the recipe for this Simple Sugar Scrub while replacing the essential oils for eucalyptus and mint. The jars used were these ones.

Tub Teas

Spa in a Jar with personalized favor tags from Evermine (
To make the tub teas, follow this recipe for Lavender Oatmeal Tub Teas while replacing the essential oils for eucalyptus and mint. Cut the recipe in half to make two tub teas to fit in the jar.

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Place all of the completed recipes into one large, wide-mouth canning jar and add labels. Voila! A spa in a jar!

Used In This Project:


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  1. I just got done taking a bath with your soothing tub tea. I received a spa in a jar as a gift from my daughter who purchased the jar at the Yankee Peddler in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

    It was the worst thing I have ever used. It was like being in a bath with mulched leaves. It made a mess. I couldn’t get them rinsed off while in the tub. It was supposed to be a relaxing time reading a book while soaking. Never happened. WHAT A MESS. YOU NEED TO RETHINK YOUR PRODUCT LINE. The debris sticks on your skin and you can’t rinse it off. Nothing relaxing about it.

    • Hi Mary. Did you by chance pour the contents of the tub tea directly into the water? If so, they are meant to remain securely inside the tea filter bag to infuse the water, and there shouldn’t be any debris to clean up whatsoever. Please let us know – thanks.

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    My name is Maddy Hill and I’m an intern for Austin Woman magazine. I’m working on a piece for December Web that is “Gifts in a Jar for Every Personality,” and came across this awesome tutorial! Would you be willing to let us use a picture of the final product on our website? We would link this post in the text under the picture for credit, or could link it to your section of the blog. Please let me know if that would be feasible ASAP! Thanks so much 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Maddy. We’re happy to give permission for you to use any image on our blog as long as there’s clear credit back to the original source. Thanks for asking!


  3. I am having a hard time w/ the labels, I know you hyperlinked them, but they just do not seem to be correct. it am not sure for example which size of circles, and are the rectangle ones the correct size.

    chose the “Vintage Burlap” style in burlap seaglass.
    i am not seeing this style and color

    can you help

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thanks for your comment. There was a problem with the links at the bottom of the post, but they should be fixed now. The 2.5-inch circle label is used for the wide-mouth quart jar, and the 2-inch circle is used for the smaller, regular-mouth jars. Also, we give you the link for the rectangle labels that Stephanie used for the her lip balm (you can see the label sheet in the third image of the post), but Stephanie most likely would have had to overlap that label on the container. We highly recommend you measure your chapstick containers and order the label size that will work best for you. For a full list of label shapes in this style, see this page:

      I hope that helps, but please let us know if you have anymore questions!


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