Sriracha Hot Sauce from Idea Land blog #homemade #recipe #garden #gift(Used in this project: Small Diamond Tags, Petal Shape Labels and Envelope Seals in Kashmir style.)

I’ve been really lucky with my chili pepper plants this year, so I’ve been looking for ways to preserve my ripe chilies and/or use them up in recipes as much as possible. Recently, I came across this post for homemade sriracha sauce, and was immediately intrigued. First, as a huge fan of Huy Fong’s sriracha (also known as ‘rooster’ sauce), I knew that if I could make a version at home that was half as tasty as its bottled counterpart, I’d be happy. Second, homemade sriracha sauce doesn’t call for the preservatives that are in the store bought version, and I always consider that a bonus.

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Sriracha Hot Sauce from Idea Land blog #homemade #recipe #garden #gift

After making this recipe, I can safely say that homemade sriracha sauce absolutely compares in taste. In fact, I think my version is even better, with a bright, delicious flavor, and it gets tons of use. I put it on everything, from breakfast eggs to sautéed vegetable. It really is such a versatile condiment, and can be used as a dip or flavor enhancer in almost everything.

The best part is, you can make your homemade sriracha sauce using any type of red chili pepper you’d like. If you prefer mild heat, use red jalapenos or fresno chilies. Or, if you’re into a spicier condiment, allow your Serrano chilies to ripen to red, and use those instead. You can really use any type of chili pepper you like for this recipe, but keep in mind that the color of your chilies dictates the color of your sauce.

Sriracha Hot Sauce from Idea Land blog #homemade #recipe #garden #gift

Homemade Sriracha Sauce

Makes about 1 ½ cup.

• 1.5 lbs red jalapeno, fresno, or serrano chili peppers, stems snipped off, leaving green tops intact.
• 6 cloves garlic, peeled
• 4 tablespoons light brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon kosher salt
• ½ cup distilled white vinegar

Place chiles, garlic, sugar, and salt in a food processor, and pulse until ingredients are finely chopped. Place in a clean jar, and cover with breathable material, such as a cloth or paper towel, and secure with a rubber band. Let jar ferment at room temperature for 5-7 days, stirring once per day.

Transfer mixture into a blender and add the distilled vinegar. Puree mixture until completely smooth, and strain into a saucepan, using a spoon or rubber spatula to push through as much of the pulp as possible. Bring mixture to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer until sauce thickens. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Once sauce has cooled, transfer to a clean, airtight container and store in the refrigerator for up to six months.

Slightly adapted from Joshua Bousel at Serious Eats.

Sriracha Hot Sauce from Idea Land blog #homemade #recipe #garden #gift

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I’ve decided to give away some of my homemade sriracha to some of my spice-loving friends, so I found some cute bottles at my local thrift store that I’ve decorated with sunburst colored tags and labels in the style Kashmir, which go really well with the red-orange color of the sauce.

Sriracha Hot Sauce from Idea Land blog #homemade #recipe #garden #gift

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