Pinterest Collaboration: Home Apothecary with Rachel Beyer

Pinterest Collaboration: Home Apothecary with Rachel Beyer | Evermine Blog |

If you’ve been following the Evermine Blog for awhile, you’ll know from reading Rachel’s posts that she often dabbles in the world of natural home remedies. She likes to experiment with herbs, spices and essential oils to create thoughtful, healing gift ideas for friends and family. For a few examples, check out her Sweet Slumber… 

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Personalized Birthday Garlands


When I was about to turn four, my mom asked me what kind of birthday party I wanted, and I told her, “a rainbow birthday!” Dutifully and creatively, my mom crafted a painted rainbow made of cardboard, linen and flour glue. To my four-year-old sensitivities, it was just glorious — the rainbow was a big… 

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Guerilla Love

Spread the Guerilla Love | Evermine Blog |

We might all agree that labels from Evermine are pretty nifty. Charming. Heart-melting. Professional. Useful. Beautiful. Fun. But I got to wondering, what’s the best thing that can be done with personalized labels? Generally, I try to showcase uses that I think are good for the world–natural remedies to keep people healthy, homemade whole foods… 

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Stinky Dog Spray

Stinky Dog Spray | Evermine Blog |

Is there a dog in your life with embarrassing odor? Well, you can discretely help out the little stinker with the gift of this Doggie Deodorant! I made up a bunch of these lavender and lemon scented sprays for the dogs in my life. You can use into right on pooch, on bedding, leashes, toys,… 

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Succulent Terrarium Centerpieces

DIY Succulent Terrarium Centerpieces | Evermine Blog |

It’s been a few years since the succulent terrarium idea hit it big, but it’s got some staying-power. Succulents are inexpensive to buy, easy to care for and they are endlessly interesting to look at. The glass containers required for a cool terrarium can also inexpensive and be easy to find—I’ve found a seemingly unlimited… 

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Easter Bunny in a Jar

"Some Bunny Loves You" Easter Treats | Evermine Blog |

I remember hunting for Easter eggs in my childhood. Hunting around the house and garden, finding little candy eggs and collecting them in a basket. There was always one extra special treat hidden on the bookshelf or under a cushion: the chocolate bunny. Oh how I loved to find the chocolate bunny, rip open the… 

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