Horseradish Puree

Horseradish Puree | Evermine Blog |

I have someone I think you should meet. He’s very strong, a little tough on the outside but tender on the inside; he might make you tear up a little, but he’s surprisingly sweet; and today, just because he’s meeting you, he’s dressed up in a suit. Please meet my new friend: Horseradish Root. Actually,… 

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Party Idea: Infused Vodkas

Infused Vodka | Evermine Blog |

I’ve got an awesome party trick for you. Something that can earn you a ton of cred, but actually requires very little effort. Ready? Infused vodkas are super easy to make, super easy to dress up, and, of course, very impressive at classy potlucks and slightly dressed-up gatherings. Here’s how to do it—in two basic… 

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Pickled Sweet Onions

Homemade Pickled Onions Recipe | Evermine Blog |

Are you ready for some really good news? It’s grilling season! And on top of that, we’ve got a super easy recipe for sharing at barbeques this year. Awesomely, these pickled sweet onions are tasty on all kinds of grilled things and they can be thrown together at the last minute. Also, adorning a jar… 

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Hanging Plant Wedding Favors

Hanging Plant Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |

As we round the corner into the peak wedding season, this is the perfect time to share this lovely hanging plant project idea. Here’s the gist of it: you gather up all the pretty and practical supplies necessary for the project and give it to your guest in a charming package; your guest takes it… 

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Baby Shower Gift: DIY Hoop Art

DIY Hoop Art | Evermine Blog |

Embroidery is one of my favorite hobbies. I always like to have a small lap project when watching a movie or TV show at night, and embroidery is the perfect fit as you can pick it up and put it down at any time. My friend’s baby shower is coming up in a few weeks… 

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Washi Tape Tea Light Wedding Favors

Washi Tape Tea Light Wedding Favors | Evermine Blog |

I’m sure I’m not the only person out there with a washi tape obsession. I just love collecting all the different colors and patterns. I decided it was time to start using my collection, and started researching some fun craft projects on Pinterest when I stumbled across this post and wanted to try it out…. 

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