DIY Foaming Hand Soap

DIY Gift: Foaming Hand Soap - We wash you a merry Christmas!" | Evermine Blog |

Since its debut at Bath and Body Works, I have had a thing for foaming hand soap. I have pumps by each sink in my house, and love to use them because they are gentle on the skin. Plus, the light and fluffy foam makes me happy when I wash my hands. Though I love… 

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Bridal Shower Favors: Peppermint-Tea Tree Soap

Peppermint-Tea Tree Soap Favors | The Evermine Blog |

An all-natural grocery store recently opened in my neighborhood. In what I’m sure was an advertising campaign to get folks to come in and shop, they mailed everyone a very nice coupon: a free 32 oz. bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castle liquid soap. It was a deal I couldn’t pass up! I also just… 

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DIY Gift Idea: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Brown Sugar Body Scrub #recipe #diy #homemade #gift #labels

The cold winter months have a tendency to dry out my skin, so it’s nice to have a few tricks to combat the brittle weather. Aside from deep moisturizing lotions and body butters, one of my favorite tricks is homemade sugar body scrubs that are full of natural oils and vitamin E. The sugar helps… 

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Coffee Kitchen Soap


We are all aware of those wonderfully delicious foods that leave a less than desirable scent on our hands after preparation. Red onions, tuna, scallions, tilapia, chives, all are staples in my kitchen—Oy vey! Knowing I am not the only cook that loves unfortunately sulfuric foods, this odor-neutralizing kitchen soap is a fantastic gift for… 

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Jasmine Green Tea Soap


Walking into my grandmother’s bathroom was akin to visiting a shrine to femininity. All the surfaces were decorated to suit her sense of beauty and womanhood; lavish flowers, sensual perfume bottles, fragrant soaps, and distinctly female-inspired art on the walls. However, it was never too much, always just enough. Every visit, I thought, this is… 

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Sweet Ginger Skin Polish


The daylight is waning, the wind blows more briskly, and I am staying inside to get cozy! Winter is here. This shivery season brings loved ones together to share in quality time. Planning for how I want to show my appreciation for my lovely sister -a new mother- reminded me that this time of year… 

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