I recently came across a customer order for The Giggle Girls Cherish Hearts wine labels and knew there was a great story behind it. So I contacted Susan from West Roxbury, Massachusetts and asked her about her order. She responded with this amazing story:

“The Giggle Girls are a group of five lovely ladies who met at Revere Beach in 1948, and have been the best of friends ever since. Back when The Giggle Girls founded their ‘club’ the dues were 5 cents and their motto was “we need to eat”. That was over 60 years ago! They are still the best of friends today and have been there for each other through marriages, births, deaths, the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly hairdo’s.”

The Giggle Girls had a sleepover party this past July and ordered wine labels to celebrate! They chose a photo style label and featured a photo of them from 1948 and another more recent group photo. Susan describes,

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“I’m not sure exactly what defines great friendship, but I am lucky to have these wonderful women as role models. The wine bottles may say they are “aged to perfection” but in reality it is their friendship that is perfect.”

Thanks Susan for sharing this wonderful story!

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  1. The stories are sweet and from a wonderful time when little girls were truly silly.

    Someone needs to reveal their alter ego “giggle girl” names. My 15 year old son thinks it is the most histerical thing he’s ever heard and that’s pretty hard to get out of a teenager about his Nana. I would do it but I don’t know who’s name belongs to whom. I better ask my son…

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