The Perfect Announcement

Beer + Wine Announcements

The birth of a new baby is such an exciting time. Announce and celebrate your little one in a fun, memorable way that your family and friends will love! Pass around your favorite wines, ciders, and brews featuring your baby’s stats along with an adorable photo.

Baby stats can include:

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  • The baby’s name
  • The baby’s birth date & time
  • The baby’s birth weight
  • The baby’s birth length
  • The location of the baby’s birth
  • An expression of love and gratitude from the parents

What you need:

Birth Announcement Wine

A simple and wonderful baby announcement that can be enjoyed by friends and family in celebration of your new arrival. And of course your baby’s photo and stats on a bottle of vino from their birth year makes a wonderful keepsake to be treasured for many years, so be sure to stash away an extra bottle or two in your wine cabinet!

* Sparkling cider makes a perfect alcohol-free substitute!

Birth Announcement Wine & Beer labels

Birth Announcement Beer

What a great gift for proud new parents to pass out to friends. Celebrate the newest addition to your family with Evermine’s fully waterproof custom photo beer labels on your favorite icy cold brews.

* Bottled soda makes a great alcohol-free alternative!

Get Crafty!

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Did you know there are winecrafting businesses where you can go to easily make your very own batches of wine and beer? Once the concoction has had enough time to turn into a delicious, alcoholic beverage —you can bottle it up and take it home with you!

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Newborn photos: Stephanie K. Photography


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