Three Budget-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Three $1 Candy Wedding Favor Ideas | The Evermine Blog |
We’ve written about $1 dollar wedding favors before, but this time we’re basing our inspiration on good old-fashioned candy. You know, the kind you used to sneak from your grandma’s candy dish when you were a child. The best thing about this type of candy is that even though it has a timeless, well-loved flavor, it won’t break the bank, which makes it the perfect filling for your wedding favors. Especially when paired with Evermine’s packaging and personalized tags and labels with cute sayings for your guests. Scroll down for three candy-themed wedding favors we’ve put together to help inspire you on your big day:

1. Butterscotch Candy Favors

Butterscotch Wedding Favors | The Evermine Blog |
$0.25 each for small organza bags
$0.60 for 1 scallop favor tag
$0.33 for 6 butterscotch candies

Total per favor: $1.18

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A 5-pound bag (360 ct) of butterscotch candies from costs $19.99, so each butterscotch disc costs just over $0.05. To make our favors, we placed 6 butterscotch discs in each small organza bag ($0.25 per bag), and secured them with personalized Aurelian Wreath favor tags ($0.60 each) for a cost of $1.18 per favor!

2. Pastel Mint Favors

Mint to Be Wedding Favors | The Evermine Blog |
$0.58 each for favor boxes with lids
$0.37 for 1 square label
$0.23 for 30 pastel mints

Total per favor: $1.18

A 5-pound bag of mint pastels from costs $19.99 and contains 2635 pastel mints, which means 30 mints costs around $0.23. Add that cost to the price of the favor boxes with lids and the personalized labels, and you have a wedding favor that totals $1.18 each!

3. Hugs and Kisses Favors

Hugs and Kisses Wedding Favors | The Evermine Blog |
$0.08 per each cellophane bag
$0.90 per favor tag (for 60 tags or more)
$0.60 for 10 Hershey’s hugs and kisses

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Total per favor: $1.58

A 1-pound bag of Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses contains approx. 100 candies and costs around $6 dollars, which means each candy costs $0.06, or $0.60 for ten. Add that to the cost of the favor tags and cellophane bags, and your Hugs and Kisses favors cost only $1.58 each!

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  1. The mint to be favors- do they come with the box, candy, and labels when ordering? Are is it just the labels? Please advise.

    • Hi Angela –
      You will need to purchase and assemble the boxes, mints and labels yourself. It’s a simple and easy DIY wedding favor that guests will love!

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