Three Ideas for your Thanksgiving Dinner Party

3 Thanksgiving Dinner Party Ideas | Evermine Occasions |
Are you hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party this year? Well, today we are sharing three simple ideas for your gathering that we hope you and your guests will enjoy, and perhaps even incorporate as new traditions for future Thanksgivings to come:

1. I’m Thankful For… Thanksgiving Coaster Keepsakes

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Three Thanksgiving Party Ideas | Evermine Occasions | www.evermine.com_0007
Place one coaster at each guest’s place setting along with a pen or marker, and have them jot down what they’re thankful for on the back. Once everyone has written down their thoughts, you can decide whether to share them out loud, or just collect them for guests to read at their leisure (as a low-pressure alternative to having each dinner guest say what they’re thankful for at the dinner table). Once the day is over, you can collect the coasters as keepsakes, and take them out each Thanksgiving so repeat guests can go back and read what they were thankful for in years past.

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2. Thanksgiving Leftovers Take-Home Boxes

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For an easy solution to the awkward Thanksgiving leftovers dilemma, just send each guest off with their own takeout dinner box so they can bring home a little of everything. You can either divvy out the food for each box on your own and pass them out as people leave, or you can set up a Thanksgiving Leftovers Packing Station so they can load up their boxes however they like. Just make sure to include your personalized Thanksgiving labels on each box so they remember whose Thanksgiving gathering their meal came from.

3. So Thankful Candy Corn Favors

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Three Thanksgiving Party Ideas | Evermine Occasions | www.evermine.com_0002
To end the night, let your guests know how thankful you are that they could come by sending them home with a Thanksgiving-themed treat! We like these candy corn bags packaged in cellophane bags, but you could replace the candy corn with any other seasonal candy you like.

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For more fun Thanksgiving party ideas, visit our Thanksgiving section. And don’t forget to shop our entire Thanksgiving collection here.

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