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A few months ago, I used a couple sets of labels from to settle an oft-erupting disagreement between my sweetheart and I.


Toothbrush ID labels.

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Call me a germophobe or paranoid, but to me, its deplorable for someone else to use my toothbrush, even my own dear sweetheart. He would often, on his regular visits from out of town, forget to pack his own toothbrush—which is understandable. But then he would borrow mine without asking. Not a big deal to some, but a big deal to me. Getting him his own toothbrush didn’t solve the problem, because he could never remember which one he was supposed to use, and the old “pink for her, blue for him” thing just won’t fly.

Toothbrush I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog |
Now, with personalized labels, each of our toothbrushes has not only our name or initials, but also a style that targets our predilections: flowers for him and a little geometric glamour for me. For our toothbrush solution, I used the Modern Geometric style in black and gold and Summer Poppy style in pale green and turquoise, both in the small circle shape (size 28). As an added point of convenience, I used the removable vinyl labels, which hold up well to water and other teethbrushing crossfire.

Toothbrush I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog |
Of course, with a bunch of cool ID labels around, it wasn’t long before I noticed all kinds of uses for them:

I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog |
– Sack lunchers can easily tell whose brown bag is whose.

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I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog |
– Fridge contents that are often in duplicate but owned by different people can be differentiated, like dairy cartons, mayo, or coveted hot sauces. I like to label obvious snack foods of mine so that my sweetie doesn’t eat my roommate’s food when he raids the fridge.

I.D. Labels | Evermine Blog |
– The duplicate belongings of roommates which end up laying around, like computer chargers, bike lights, or to-go mugs, can have a tiny adorable badge indicating the owner of each.

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  1. What a GREAT idea! I especially love using the labels on the lunch sacks because I’m constantly mixing up who’s who of lunch items in the morning when I’m prepping everyone’s stuff for the day! Thanks for the great idea!

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