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"Torah and Tea" Gathering | Evermine Blog |
“Torah and Tea” is an educational class that a colleague of mine hosted weekly in Alpharetta Georgia. Rashi Minkowitz of Blessed Memory passed away suddenly at the young age of 37. She was a beautiful mother of eight children, and worked with her husband to create a vibrant Jewish community. Every week she would teach a class for women, and serve tea and cake, inspiring many. This class, which over hundreds of Chabad Jewish Centers host weekly, has become a special evening in her memory.

"Torah and Tea" Gathering | Evermine Blog |
I will be initiating this class here in our community and decided to make coasters to match the theme name of this class and decorate the table with flower arrangements made in tea cups!

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DIY Tea Party Centerpiece | Evermine Blog |
All you need is a tea cup of your choice, water, flowers and scissors.

DIY Tea Party Centerpiece | Evermine Blog |
Simply trim your flowers to fit your cup, and gently place your flowers in so they are snug.

DIY Tea Party Flower Centerpiece | Evermine Blog |
A cute idea is to use these letter mugs to spell out whatever you wish: “TEA” for a tea table, or “DESSERTS” for a dessert table. You could use any kind of tea cup, and even go vintage with a more ornate design.

DIY Torah and Tea Flower Centerpiece | Evermine Blog |
“Torah” (The Bible) and “Tea” will definitely be a class for women and “SpiritualiTEA”….the perfect blend….in memory of a special soul.

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