Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Valentine’s Day Cocktail 

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a refreshing floral cocktail in your hand. This Love Potion is an uplifting mix of sparkling Rosé and sweet Rose Lemonade garnished with edible flowers, perfect for enjoying with a special someone or at brunch with your favorite gal pals because it’s a Rosé kind of day! Cheers and enjoy!

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– 1 bottle of your favorite sparkling Rosé
– Fentman’s Rose Lemonade
– Sliced Lemon
– Edible flowers for garnish (we used Dianthus aka Pinks)

1. In a cocktail glass mix one part sparkling Rosé with one part Rose Lemonade.
2. Splash each glass with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and garnish with fresh edible flowers. We used Dianathus in this recipe which is the miniature member of the Carnation family. Cut away the sweet petals from the bitter base and steep in the cocktail.

Note: Please be sure to use edible flowers that are from a pesticide free source.

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