Watermelon Pops! Smart + Simple DIY Gifts


Labels Skinny Labels

Stay cool and peppy this summer with this perfect popsicle–watermelon pops! These are:

  • Simple to make
  • Made without added sweeteners
  • Sure to delight summer guests and friends, adults and kids alike.

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Materials and tools:
-4oz disposable paper cups
Round labels to indicate popsicle flavors that fit your paper cups
-Popsicle sticks
Skinny labels that indicate the popsicle flavors 

Watermelon Pop Ingredients:
-6 cups of seedless watermelon
-A pinch of salt

Watermelon Mint Pop Ingredients:
– 6 cups of seedless watermelon
– 8-10 mint leaves, chopped finely
– A pinch of salt

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Watermelon Cucumber Pop Ingredients:
– 5 cups of seedless watermelon
– 1 medium cucumber, peeled, with seeds removed
– A pinch of salt


  1. Label 12 disposable cups with a round flavor label.
  2. Blend the ingredients.
  3. Pour the blended liquid into the labeled disposable cups.
  4. Place the filled cups on a tray in the freezer.
  5. Label one end of each of 12 popsicle sticks with the skinny labels, like flags.
  6. After about 20-30 minutes, place a popsicle stick in the center of each cup, flag side up. The idea is that a thin frozen top layer will help keep the sticks relatively upright.
  7. Repeat the above steps for each flavor of popsicle you plan to make.
  8. Once the pops are frozen solid, they are ready to delight your friends and guests!
Labels Skinny Labels
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  1. I am not a big fan of watermelon, but my family loves popsicles. Is there any other recipes you would be willing share or point me in the right direction of getting other natural popsicle recipes

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