Ways to celebrate the 4th of July Safely

As the 4th of July draws closer, and the pandemic around us is not letting up, we realize celebrating will look different this year. We should maintain our distance from our friends and family (outside of the members of our household), and to prevent the spread of germs. In short, traditional 4th of July potluck style dining will just not work, but that doesn’t mean we have to skip celebrations! We have gathered up a few must-haves & yummy recipes for enjoying the 4th this year while taking precautionary measures and staying safe.

Picnic Blankets
Picnic blankets are the new picnic tables! Provide each household with their own picnic blanket for seating at your 4th of July party, or ask them to pack their own, to maintain safe distancing between guests.
Tips for Having a Picnic Safely by nytimes.com

Mason Jar Meals

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To help avoid germ-sharing, and still share homemade dishes, we love the idea of using single-serve mason jars! There are so many yummy recipes you can bake right in them, from chili to pies! They also work perfect for salads and other side dishes.

Meal in a Mason Jar: Chili & Cornbread recipe by the pleasantpantry.com


Assembling snack and/or beverage baskets for each family in attendance is an easy solution to avoid over-crowding at the cooler.

Rootbeer Float Baskets idea by evermine.com

Individually Packaged Snacks & Treats

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These could be store-bought or homemade. Here we’ve packaged our Trail Mix in our Small Window Tin Tie Bags and adorned them with festive labels and tags.

4th of July Trail Mix recipe by evermine.com



Fireworks Cookies Recipe recipe by evermine.com

4th of July Patriotic Popcorn recipe by evermine.com

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