Wedding Favor Friday: Kahlua

Homemade Kahlua Winter Wedding Favors from
Help your wedding guests stay warm and cozy for the winter by making homemade Kahlua wedding favors. Our kahlua recipe is easy to follow and make at home, and can be enjoyed straight-up or mixed in a cocktail. Just make sure you make your Kahlua a few weeks in advance before your wedding so the vanilla has enough time to infuse and meld into the coffee before you repackage it into the smaller bottles.

Homemade Kahlua Winter Wedding Favors from
Packaging these up as favors is the funnest part of the whole process. For this, we are fond of these 4 oz amber Boston round bottles from Specialty Bottle. They’re nice because the dark glass helps keep the kahlua fresher longer, and perfectly fits a variety of wedding label shapes.

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For our wedding labels, we chose scallop shaped Garden Vine labels, but you’ll want to choose something that goes with your wedding’s theme or color. For the final touch, garnish each jar with a sprig of something from nature (like rosemary or pine) and attach it with a length of twine. And voila! The perfect winter wedding favor.

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Click here for our Kahlua recipe.

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