Wedding Favor Friday: Mix and Match Cocktails

Mix and Match Cocktail Glass Wedding Favors from www.evermine.com_0015
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Looking for a fun, low-key wedding favor idea? Try these mix and match cocktails, and display them so your guests can pick their own combination. All you need to re-create this favor are the mason jars, your personalized favor tags and labels, a variety of mini liquor bottles, and a selection of different canned beverages, such as soda, coffee, energy drinks or juice.

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To assemble the favors, just place the cans of beverage inside the mason jars, and attach one mini liquor bottle to the outside of each jar with a length of twine (you can help keep it secure with tape, too). Adhere your personalized label to the outside of the jar, and attach your hang tag with the twine.

Mix and Match Cocktail Glass Wedding Favors from www.evermine.comd
Once you’re done, just display all your mix-and-match cocktails at your reception. We like to personalize the text of our labels to say:

Your Glass for the Night
For Whatever Feels Right

It’s just a cute way to let your guests know that the jar is theirs. You can personalize the rest of the text on the label and the hang tag to say the name of the bride and groom + the wedding date.

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