When Life Hands You Lemons from Idea Land blog #lemonade #women #event #celebration #party #inspirational(Used in this project: Round Coasters and Labels in Luxe style.)

Women Illuminating the World is a non-profit event which I created 13 years ago. It is a day of pampering, re-energizing and a time to nourish both body and soul. As women, we are imbued with innate nurturing qualities and tremendous strength and yet I see more and more that it is imperative to take a moment to gather together and feel the power of femininity.

This event will draw over 60 women to fun boutique shopping with local vendors, a delicious gourmet luncheon and inspirational speakers! The key note speaker will share her personal story called “When life hands you lemons and even the lemonade tastes bitter” – guiding our hearts to Joy.

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When Life Hands You Lemons from Idea Land blog #lemonade #women #event #celebration #party #inspirational

I have taken this theme and harmonized it with the details of the day. Guests will enjoy a lemonade bar decorated by spring colored coasters, turned into a sweet garland to coordinate with homemade tags using labels to match the theme. Of course, what is a women’s event without chocolate!? My signature favor at these events is a chocolate truffle, creatively decorated with a ribbon and label with a quote that reads: “There is nothing that prayer….and chocolate, can’t handle”

When Life Hands You Lemons from Idea Land blog #lemonade #women #event #celebration #party #inspirational

The energy of the day will be uplifting, reflective, inspirational and powerful! Receiving inspiration from my 6-year-old son who has just recently been diagnosed with a Micro Deletion Syndrom (in ‘basic’ terms this means he is missing 5% of chromosome 6….in ‘mother’s terms’ it means a whole lot more!), I plan to share the following:

Miraculously, my son has made necessary accommodations for his odd head shape, by making various unique nerve and neurological pathways in his brain. In order to see straight, without double vision or other vision challenges, he tilts his head to the side for clarity. Although this is not new information to me, I noticed a deeper insight relating to the essence of a woman. With his thoughtful and determined spirit, my son has to make adjustments to deal with his reality.

As women we are constantly in motion, turning wheels to accomplish, nurture, and guide lives. Yet in order to illuminate, sometimes we need to look to the side…take some time out and re-energize, re-focus, and re-connect, so we may see with clarity and improved vision. My son is doing what we as women do, so naturally.

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When Life Hands You Lemons from Idea Land blog #lemonade #women #event #celebration #party #inspirational

We juggle, we strive, we reach out, we reach in, we laugh, we cry…and we are so in tune with the gift of time, connection and femininity. So on this special day, with fresh lemonade in one hand and chocolate in the other, we will celebrate the power of each other…women, who illuminate the world. A day to reach new heights and spectacular new views!

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  1. You are an amazing woman!
    It is incredibly special how you are able to juggle all parts of your beautiful life and have time to share with us too!
    I must get some of your wisdom !!! Need to share our experiences!! Please stay in touch!

  2. Dearest Chana,

    I think you are doing a wonderful cause and I am so proud to have you as my daughter in law.

    You never give up and that’s what’s makes you so unique.

    Love you with all my heart.

    Bubby E

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