White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels + Label Wording Ideas

White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels from www.evermine.com
Holiday parties and bottles of wine – the perfect pair! Whether you’re throwing a Christmas party, or you’re in need of a killer host/hostess gift, a bottle or case of wine packaged with your own personalized holiday wine labels and gift tags adds the finishing touch.

White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels
To order your wine labels, start by choosing your label style of choice here. Then decide which label size and shape you like best. For our labels, we went with our Joy of Scrolls style in deep red, and chose the rectangle labels (1.875’ x 2.75’).

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Once you’ve chosen your labels, you can decide whether you want to add a coordinating gift tag. We chose a hang tag in the same style, and went with the mint green color to pair with our red label to keep the colors festive.

White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels
If you’re giving the bottles of wine away as gifts, it’s always fun to add embellishments. We offer a variety of wine accessories in our shop, including wine hoods, totes, boxes, organza bags and more. We also like to include a touch of something extra for holiday wine gifts, such as candy canes or sprigs of fir/pine attached with twine or ribbon, but you could also include a cute bow or ornament.

White Christmas Holiday Wine Labels

More holiday wine label wording ideas:

Drink and Be Merry
Drink and Be Jolly
Making Spirits Bright
Christmas Time – Mistletoe and Wine
He sees you when you’re drinking.
The holidays will be fine, as long as there’s wine!
Ho Ho Ho. Merry Chianti!
Holiday Party Wine – A Jolly Good Time
Silent nights are overrated
‘Tis the season to get tipsy.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Joy to the world, the wine has come.
Merry Elfin’ Christmas
Better Results than Mistletoe
Please have snow and red merlot.
Dashing through the snow with a bottle of merlot.
I’m dreaming of a white reisling/chardonnay.
Jesus Juice
A Berry Merry Christmas
I’m dreaming of a wine Christmas
I’m dreaming of a drunk Christmas
Keep Calm and Drink On
Cheers to a Merry Christmas
Reindeer Reserve
Rudolph Reserve
Jolly Juice
Merry Kissmass

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  1. I really like the design of labels you have showcase in the blog.What technology emit these labels and what are pre-requisites to get this type of glow and quality in a wine label?

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