Wine Label Guide

If you’re wondering which size works best for wine labeling, the following three will all fit & look great on standard (750ml) wine bottles:

3.25” x 4” is our most popular size; it’s perfect as a front label.
3.75 x 4.5” is a good choice when you want a larger front label.
2.5” x 4” is intended as a back label, for including more info about your wine.

Standard volume bottles come in a variety of shapes – making the same label look a bit different on each. See below to get a quick visual of these label sizes on a few common wine bottle shapes.

To be absolutely sure you’re happy with a size, you can download and print a pdf of our label sizes (be sure to print at full size). Cut out the sizes you like best and tape onto one of your bottles. Customize one of our design templates with your words and images or upload your own for printing.

A few other tips:

For wine label material, we highly recommend choosing vinyl. It’s waterproof & repositionable!

Hot tip: Get a big discount when you order 250 or more wine labels + get them in any shape and size! 

Watch a demo for easily + accurately placing your labels on bottles in this short Wine Label Tutorial from our how-to library.

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