I was searching for a surprising treat bag, when I came upon a photo from a Harry Potter inspired birthday party from Modern Hostess. I immediately thought this charming handmade favor-bag would suit my Halloween party, delightfully. You can put just about anything inside, and that mystery is great for your guests to take home!

What You Need:
• Scissors
• Lunch-Sized Paper Bags (double the number of favors you plan to make)
• Tape
• Twine, Ribbon, String, etc.
• Sticks, Chop-sticks, Kabob Skewers, etc.
• Treats to fill the bags

Step 1:
You will want to have double the amount of paper bags, as the number of favors you plan to make. Begin by cutting 3-4 inches off the height of each bag (from the top). You can get away with cutting 3-4 bags at a time- being clean and exact will not make a difference in the end product.

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Step 2:
Divide the number of bags you have cut. On half of them, cut ‘fringe’ at ¼-½ inch apart, to between 1-2 inches deep. On the other half, take three bags at a time, and open them inside of each other. Cut these groups at the same interval of ¼-½ inch apart, all the way down to the bottom fold-line of the bag. You will still want to leave the rectangular base of the bag intact. Carefully, separate each individual bag. Use the tape, in a loop, to adhere the bottom of the first cut bag, to the rectangular inside of the fully cut bag.

Step 3:
Fill the inner bag with your witch’s bounty of treats, anywhere from ¼ to ½ of the way full. Take your stick (broomstick) and twist this bag closed around it, then tape it closed just below the fringe-cut line. Gather the outer bag pieces and wrap them around the treat bag. Cut a long piece of twine or string, and wind it around to mock the look of a broom.

Finish by displaying on a table near the entry to your party, and with ribbon tie on your specialized Halloween tag; my Witch’s Bounty is set in the style of Casablanca.

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