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Yearbook Sticker Posts Yearbook Sticker Posts Yearbook Sticker Posts Yearbook Sticker PostsToday we wanted to share with you an idea from one of our customers that we think is totally genius… yearbook stickers! After all, what’s better than personalized stickers? Okay, well maybe summer vacation— but luckily this post brings both of those great things together. We would have loved to have these back in our school days!

This year, help your kids create their own custom yearbook stickers to bring with them on the last day of school to put in all their friends’ yearbooks. These stickers are sure to be a hit and might just be the greatest addition to yearbook signing since the acronym.

HAGS! (Have a Great Summer!) 🙂

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The wonderful thing about Evermine’s custom labels and tags is that the possibilities for their uses are practically limitless. You can choose your favorite shapes, designs and colors, images, and type in any text you want and use them for whatever you like.

We selected a few different label shapes and sizes that worked well for yearbook stickers:

shape 02 Address Labels

shape 12 circle labels

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shape 32 scallop labels

shape 23 scallop labels

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