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canning hang tags

canning hang tags

  pre-punched heavy card stock, includes strings
Canning hangtags add a special look to your canned goods, creating an extra dimension to your product with the layering of tags over labels, and use of strings or ribbon. The canning hangtags can be used for a specific bit of information, such as your name, or the year, or a one-, two- or three-letter monogram that serves as your logo. Or create a special 'brand' name for your home made goods, and use it on the tags that you place on all your products. For example, the tags could say "Aunt Sue's", "Homemade since 1978", "Checkerboard Farm", "2016", or simply have a photo of you, the home cook, the 'farm' where the produce was grown, or the family cat. You can use the same tags on all your home canned products for the year using one Evermine style for your entire homemade and home canned goods. This gives your products a signature look for the year. Next year choose a different theme or design, and each year your loved ones who receive your home canned products will instantly see the difference!

Circles & Ovals

1.75" scallop – scallop hang tags

23 23

2" circle – circle hang tags

12 12

2.25" x 3.5" – large oval hang tags

07 07

3.5" x 2.25" – large oval hang tags

37 37

2.25" x 1" – oval hang tags

09 09

1" x 2.25" – oval hang tags

39 39

2" x 2" – diamond hang tags

08 08

1.25" x 1.25" – small diamond hang tags

10 10

2" x 2" – fancy diamond hang tags

88 88
Special shapes

1.75" scallop – scallop hang tags

23 23

1.75" heart – heart hang tags

24 24

2" x 2" – fancy diamond hang tags

88 88

Shapes and Sizes:

  • Circles & Ovals
  • HT23

    scallop hang tags

    1.75" scallop


    circle hang tags

    2" circle


    large oval hang tags

    2.25" x 3.5"


    large oval hang tags

    3.5" x 2.25"


    oval hang tags

    2.25" x 1"


    oval hang tags

    1" x 2.25"

  • Diamonds
  • HT08

    diamond hang tags

    2" x 2"


    small diamond hang tags

    1.25" x 1.25"


    fancy diamond hang tags

    2" x 2"

  • Special shapes
  • HT23

    scallop hang tags

    1.75" scallop


    heart hang tags

    1.75" heart


    fancy diamond hang tags

    2" x 2"






Custom Canning Hang Tags and Personalized Jar Tags

Use your words with our styles, shapes and colors. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

Put your names on our elegant custom-designed printed favor tags to create beautiful personalized food or craft gifts and more.

We have labels that fit perfectly on the lids or sides of pint jars, quart jars or small glass jars. Add a hang tag for the perect finishing touch. You put a lot of effort into harvesting your home-grown fruit or vegetables, preparing jam or your favorte applesauce recipe, then canning the delicious results in mason jars, why not finish for your hard work with beautiful labels and tags? You can easily turn your canned goods into a perfect gift with personalized jar tags. Keep track of what year things were canned with hang tags with the date.

Do it yourself, homemade gifts are always appreciated. Add your photo and your name to a professional-looking tag and you have a simple gift that won't be forgotten. Inexpensive DIY gifts are always appreciated. You will find the ideal tags for your jam, jelly, applesauce, tomatoes, pickles, beans, peaches, pears or whatever it is that you want to can. Hang tags come with string and are easily added and removed from your jars.

Our custom hang tags have been lovingly designed and given a palette of colors that make them perfect for home made and home baked products, birthdays and other celebrations, wines, as well as other products and events. Beautiful designs, exacting quality, careful typographic styling of your words, the finest paper and printing, a commitment to getting it to you on time, plus excellent customer service means your order will look great and arrive exactly as promised. First, choose from our exclusively crafted styles, shapes, and colors, then create your own wording in place of the examples you see pictured. Our low price personalized printed labels and printed tags are the best in the industry. We are the source for inexpensive tags that look professional, rich and elegant instead of cheap. We'll design, print and deliver labels, stickers, seals, favor hang tags, coasters and book plates that are professional yet personal and sure to impress.

Favor hang tags, printed on matte-coated card stock, come individually cut and ready to punch out on sheets of 8 to 36 depending on the tag size. They come with a 5/32” hole at the top of each tag. Favor tags are $12 for each set of 8 - 36 tags.

Also find boxes and bags, canning recipes, gift ideas and gift basket ideas. Party and event favors, CDs and homemade beer or wine with personalized printed labels, stickers, favor tags, wedding seals, and coasters are priceless keepsakes that make your event memorable and give your guests an unforgettable personalized souvenir. We feature an ever-changing page of gift and favor ideas each month, complete with sources, custom labels, stickers, favor tags, recipes and tips.

Our short-run, low-minimum hang tags are perfect for home canning projects, and personal gifts. And, because our tags are expressly made for short runs, they are excellent for your small business or home business, product test marketing, cottage business, and custom corporate gifts.

Transform your special event or handmade gifts into unforgettable memories with personalized custom labels, envelope seals, stickers, personal hang tags and customized coasters from Evermine. It's never been easier!