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2" circle

  • 0.938" circle for envelope & bag seals, secondary labels, bottle caps, poker chips
  • 1.25" circle
  • 1.5" circle for small bags, favor boxes, small jars
  • 1.75" circle for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags
  • 2" circle for regular mouth canning lids
  • 2.5" circle for wide mouth canning lids
  • 3" circle
  • 3.5" circle


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  • Multi Design

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  • matte paper labels
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  • 520 labels
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  • 600 labels
  • 640 labels
  • 680 labels
  • 720 labels
  • 760 labels
  • 800 labels
  • 840 labels
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  • 920 labels



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  • Top-quality canning labels, best price and fastest turnaround
  • Designed for glass canning jars, and regular and wide-mouth lids
  • Create a stunning presentation for your canned products
  • Get 6 to 600,000 in any size and shape
  • Matte or estate paper for a signature look
  • Vinyl or bopp for waterproof and easy removal
  • Get labels on sheets, rolls, or cut-to-size
  • The perfect gift for home canners & crafters

compare materials

Material Format Lamination Waterproof Adhesive Type Writable Dishwasher Safe Oil/Acid Resistant Freezer
Vinyl Sheet Removable Limited
Digimatte Sheet Permanent
BOPP Roll Gloss or Matte Permanent Limited
Semi Gloss Roll Gloss or Matte Permanent
Estate Roll Permanent

Brian Nugent

I've been using the Evermine vinyl waterproof jar labels for about 4 years. Excellent labels.

Peyton C Horne

Have ordered labels for pickles, chutney and chocolate sauce many years. Lots of choices and they arrive in a day or two.

Jane Kuhar

Lovely labels for our homemade jam! The wide variety of choices allowed us to perfectly express the whimsy of our home and life.

Valerie Prince

I had a last minute change and sent an email inquiry to see if it was too late. My email was answered within minutes. Evermine assured me it was not too late and made the edit. The labels arrived and are perfect!

Jeremie Baldwin

I used these for my homegrown hot sauce. They fit the neck of my hot sauce bottles perfectly. The bottles now look amazing! Perfect fit! The price is way cheaper than others that I found.

Trusted customer

Perfect size for regular sized jar lids. Good quality, easy to write on with a Sharpie marker.


Love it. The size is perfect for the top of jam jars, and love all the color and font choices.

Clifton Brister

These are great labels. I use them on small bottles of homemade vanilla I give away to friends and family.

Bring out the best

Your canned products will look stunning on the store shelf, on the dining table, and in the gift basket. Whether you need just a few, or many thousands, Evermine Labels provides reasonably priced and expertly printed labels and stickers on the material you need for your purpose. Your label is the final step in capturing the attention of the consumer, and is the final selling point that will convert the shopper into a purchaser. It is the crowning and deserving reward for your hard work in the garden and kitchen, because it puts your product in its best light with beautiful, professionally made canning labels.

...For your homecrafted canned products

Get the best results by enhancing your products with professional labels and stickers. You have spent hours and days creating your products. Now take the small and important step of adding expertly crafted and printed labels, to make your products sparkle with professionalism. Your hours in the kitchen making jams, jellies, preserves; breads, pastries, cookies and cakes; drying fruits, vegetables and meats; concocting sauces, salsas, beverages; your hours outdoors growing vegetables, tending bees, tapping maple trees; your time crafting candles, bath salts, lotions and creams, that time is a significant investment that is deserving of a rich payoff.

...For your market wares

On grocery shelves, at the farmers market, craft fairs and corner fruit stands, show your wares at their best with richly printed professional labels and stickers from Evermine Labels. Increase your profits with appealing labels on your products that will attract customers and make your wares stand out head and shoulders above the rest. It's easy to apply large quantities of labels when you get roll labels, because you can apply them with a label gun or machine applicator.

...For your special event favors

Choose from our large collection of template styles that have been designed for special occasions, including weddings, showers, company parties, birthdays, holidays, memorials, graduations, family reunions, and more. Add your words, images, and colors to create unforgettable labels and stickers for your event.

Canning jar label sizing guide

Glass canning jars made by Kerr or Ball are the most common containers for canning foods. Kerr jars work best for labelling because they have smooth sides. Both brands use the same two-piece lids which are also excellent to put labels on.

Two-piece canning lids

  • Wide mouth lids: 2.5" circle label fits perfectly.
  • Regular mouth lids: 2" circle label fits perfectly.

Quart jars

  • Wide mouth and regular mouth quart jars are the same size and shape except for their openings. For both jar shapes, use labels up to 3.75" high. Recommended maximum width 5.5".

Pint jars

  • Wide mouth pint jars have slightly angled sides, and no sloped shoulder at the top near the opening. For these jars, use labels up to 2.75" high. Because they angle out only slightly from bottom to top, you can use a wider label if desired - maximum recommended width 4.5".
  • Regular mouth pint jars have a sloped shoulder at both the bottom and the top, so the vertical space for labels is smaller. For these jars, use labels up to 2.25" high. They are completely straight sided, so you can use an even wider label if desired - maximum recommended width 5".

Half-pint or 8-ounce jars

  • Wide mouth half-pint jars also are even more angled from bottom to top. We recommend using labels that are not very wide or there will be a visible distortion (the labels will begin to 'smile' - they will curve up at the sides). Use labels up to 1.25" high and no more than 2.5" wide.
  • Regular mouth half-pint jars are angled from bottom to top, so we recommend using labels that are not very wide or a distortion will be visible. Use labels up to 2" high and no wider than 3".

4-ounce jars

  • Use the lid label as the main label. Use labels on the sides of the jars for accessory information like the date, your logo, ingredients, etc. For the jar sides, use labels up to 1" high and no more than 2.25" wide.

Half-gallon canning jar

  • Use labels up to 5" high.

Different materials for different needs

For small quantities (sheet labels)

  • Vinyl labels cost slightly more than paper labels. Vinyl prints vividly with sharp, clear images. It is waterproof, tear-resistant, dishwasher safe, and is easy to remove. It is the best choice if you are going to keep and re-use your jars. The labels are easily removed after soaking in hot water or using a hair dryer on them.
  • Paper labels are the lowest cost. Our paper labels print beautifully, with rich, bright colors on a lusciously smooth surface. However paper labels are not waterproof, will not make it through the dishwasher, and are difficult to remove. Paper is a good choice when you are giving away or selling your canned goods. Paper is also good if you need the label to be torn, for example when it is used as a safety seal or when sealing a package that will be opened. And it is good if you want a more environmentally friendly option.

For large quantities (roll labels)

  • Bopp (polypropylene) is tearproof, waterproof, and oil-resistant. The design and colors remain vivid even with exposure to moisture, water, oil or refrigeration. Bopp is a hard, shiny surface that prints rich and vivid colors.
  • Bopp with laminate matte or gloss. The laminate adds an extra layer of protection and is helpful for products that contain acids or oils. The gloss laminate makes the bopp very shiny and hard. The matte laminate creates a soft, non-reflective look.
  • Paper comes textured in smooth, laid or vellum finishes. These create a rich, hand crafted, custom look for your labels. Textured label papers are not waterproof.

Labels and stickers are writable

Paper labels and vinyl labels can be written on to add information. Use a gel pen or permanent marker. You may need to wait a few minutes for the writing to dry thoroughly, depending on the type of marker you use. Test first before writing on a labelled container.

Years of experience

With over 20 years in the label business, we have answers that many companies don't even know there are questions to. Our strengths:

  • Versatile printing capabilities.
  • Fastest turnaround time in the industry. Once you have approved your proof, your order starts printing usually within minutes, and ships out in two days or less.
  • Get as few as 6 labels and up to 600,000.
  • We stand by our 100% guarantee.
  • More than 20,000 reviews from real customers.
  • Our reviewers rank us at 4.98 stars.
  • Free shipping for all orders over $39 to the U.S.
  • No setup fees for standard online orders
  • Free hard copy proof for roll label orders over $50 (excludes shipping).












gloss lamination

  • adds strength for ultra tear-resistance
  • light reflects brightly off the surface
  • adds a vibrant, shiny finish
  • scratch proof

matte lamination

  • adds strength for ultra tear-resistance
  • evenly-lit, non-reflective surface
  • a smooth, velvety texture
  • scratch proof


Order multiple designs in one order

multi design rolls
  • Order multiple designs in the same shape, size, label stock, laminate and quantity.
  • For example, get 250 labels each of Blackberry, Strawberry, Orange, and Grapefruit. As long as all the designs have identical shapes, sizes, and materials, they can be printed at the same time. They will be priced as one run of 1,000 - saving you LOTS!
  • There is an art change fee of $25 for each additional design.
  • Minimum quantity of 250 labels per design.
  • Each design will come on its own roll. Designs are not mixed on a single roll.

Questions? Special request? Call Evermine Labels at 1-855-EVERMINE or 1-855-383-7646