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Custom Easter Coasters

Custom Easter Coasters

3.9 inch coasters  •  packaged in sturdy kraft boxes

Let the Easter Bunny make his (or her) mark on your happy celebration with these sweet Easter coasters. Choose from our many styles and colors to set up the table and the house with the lively, spring colors of Easter. Use a photo style and insert a photo of your family or little ones, or even your pet dressed up as the Easter bunny. Select an Easter Coaster style below to get started.

Step 1 - Choose a style


Shapes and Sizes:

CO22 Circle
CO21 Rounded




Your Design Round Coaster In Custom Your Design Coasters

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Modern Museo Square Coaster In Lime Modern Museo Coasters

2 shapes • 35 colors

39 fonts

Elements Icon Square Coaster In Turquoise Elements Icon Coasters

2 shapes • 53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Scallop Edge Square Coaster In Burgundy Scallop Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Elements Watermark Square Coaster In Jade Elements Watermark Coasters

2 shapes • 51 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Picture Perfect Square Coaster In Turquoise Picture Perfect Coasters

2 shapes • 32 colors

25 fonts

Film Edge Square Coaster In Bright Pink Film Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Brush Edge Square Coaster In Mint Brush Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Caption Round Coaster In Custom Caption Coasters

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Willow Square Coaster In Gold Willow Coasters

2 shapes • 16 colors

39 fonts

Gingham Square Coaster In Grapefruit Gingham Coasters

2 shapes • 34 colors

40 fonts

Chick Square Coaster In Aruba Chick Coasters

2 shapes • 3 colors

Spring Meadow Round Coaster In Sea Glass Spring Meadow Coasters

2 shapes • 5 colors

Vida Round Coaster In Sunburst Vida Coasters

2 shapes • 20 colors

Elements Square Coaster In Coral Elements Coasters

2 shapes • 36 colors

39 fonts

Chalkboard Round Coaster In Aruba Chalkboard Coasters

2 shapes • 5 colors

39 fonts

Blooms & Bands Square Coaster In Ivory Blooms & Bands Coasters

2 shapes • 6 colors

Apothecary Graphic Square Coaster In Spring Green Apothecary Graphic Coasters

2 shapes • 27 colors

28 fonts

Chevron Edge Square Coaster In Deep Coral Chevron Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 24 colors

39 fonts

Watercolor Droplets Square Coaster In Lime Watercolor Droplets Coasters

2 shapes • 9 colors

39 fonts

Apothecary Neat Square Coaster In Chartreuse Apothecary Neat Coasters

2 shapes • 28 colors

39 fonts

Lafrenz Round Coaster In Plum Lafrenz Coasters

2 shapes • 10 colors

Bunny Square Coaster In Mint Bunny Coasters

2 shapes • 4 colors

Lady Bug Round Coaster In Tangerine Lady Bug Coasters

2 shapes • 3 colors

Personalized Easter Beverage Coasters

Shop our personalized coasters in Easter-friendly styles and colors to add a touch of charm to your Easter gatherings and gift baskets.

Try using your custom Easter coasters in one of these three fun ways:

  • As a host/hostess gift: bring a package of personalized Easter coasters to the party to let the host know you're glad they invited you.
  • As a keepsake: upload a photo of your family taken on Easter Sunday into one of our Easter photo coaster styles for the family scrapbook.
  • As Easter Favors: send your guests home with a piece of the party they can use for Easters to come.

For more Easter ideas, visit the Evermine blog. And don't forget to pair your Easter coasters with matching drink labels for wine, beer, and water bottles!.