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Watercolor Droplets ⋅ writeable gift labels

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Watercolor Droplets large circle gift labels

Large Circle Gift Labels

2.5" circle  •  size info >

12 gift labels per sheet

choose from 9 colors

item: SGWP11

Watercolor Droplets small circle gift labels

Small Circle Gift Labels

2" circle  •  size info >

20 gift labels per sheet

choose from 9 colors

item: SGWP12

Watercolor Droplets Style — Writeable Gift Labels

All the colors in the world show up here, as drops large and small which have spattered onto the paper. Whether by accident or on purpose will never be known, but they appear to have been born from the happy debris of a famous watercolor painter's studio floor. This style is printed on a rich, thick, white paper which brings the colors out in all their vivid brightness. Add a bold brushstroke lettering style to the look, plus supporting text in a combination of bold sans-serif and fairy-like hand lettering with plenty of curlicues and swirls. Enjoy your colors! Customize Watercolor Droplets writeable gift labels today!

About Custom Writeable Gift Labels — Watercolor Droplets

Ready-made for gift giving, these handy labels are designed with space to write individual names. Apply them to homemade gifts or jazz up packaging for store-bought ones. Order a set for yourself or create some to give a friend. It's a gift that keeps on giving!