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Winter Cheer ⋅ writeable gift tags

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Winter Cheer fancy diamond gift tags

Fancy Diamond Gift Tags

2" x 2"  •  size info >

12 gift tags per set

choose from 3 colors

item: HGWC88

Winter Cheer small luggage gift tags

Small Luggage Gift Tags

1.9" x 2.5"  •  size info >

15 gift tags per set

choose from 3 colors

item: HGWC1B

Winter Cheer Style — Writeable Gift Tags

Winter Cheer is a holiday style with a lot of class. In chic color combinations and strewn with merry little snowflakes all over, each one different, and funny little dots here and there, it adds charm and fun to your holiday. The main letter style is a condensed, plain sans serif so your message can be simple, short and bold. The supporting text is a bold script font for added fun. All the colors mix well with each other so you can get a variety of colors for your many needs. Customize Winter Cheer writeable gift tags today!

About Custom Writeable Gift Tags — Winter Cheer

These Winter Cheer writeable tags for presents and gifts are printed on extra-thick cover weight white paper and come in two shapes. The Winter Cheer gift tags come pre-punched with a small round hole to thread your choice of tie material. They are punched out individually and packaged as a set in small bags. At Evermine, we've put a tremendous amount of thought into our packaging, material quality and lovingly created designs to make all your presents and gifts perfect. Have fun personalizing your Winter Cheer gift tags today!