graduation coasters

Custom Graduation Party Coasters

3.9 inch coasters  •  packaged in sturdy kraft boxes

Celebrate graduation day in style with our cool, classic graduation coasters. Spread them out on your tables at your celebration and see the conversations begin. Use an Evermine style that has a photo, so you can show your graduate on the coasters in cap and gown, or as a child to show how far the graduate has come. Or order several, and have a handful of different coasters, each with a different photo of the graduate in different stages of life. You can also simply announce the wonderful event with one of our super cool graduation styles, using your graduate's name and graduation date. And, of course, not just for college, but high school, middle school, junior high, grade school—and even pre-school which these days often has their own special little graduation 'ceremony'. Make the event just a lot more special and memorable with these graduation coasters.

Step 1 - Choose a style


Shapes and Sizes:

CO22 Circle
CO21 Rounded




Your Design Square Coaster In Custom Your Design Coasters

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Brush Edge Square Coaster In Plum Brush Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Elements Icon Square Coaster In Deep Blue Elements Icon Coasters

2 shapes • 53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Old Time Amos Square Coaster In Peach Old Time Amos Coasters

2 shapes • 54 colors

Film Edge Square Coaster In Stone Film Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Elements Watermark Square Coaster In Jade Elements Watermark Coasters

2 shapes • 51 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Golden Honor Square Coaster In Tuxedo Golden Honor Coasters

2 shapes • 4 colors

Scallop Edge Square Coaster In Radiant Orchid Scallop Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Striped Scholar Round Coaster In Blue Mist Striped Scholar Coasters

2 shapes • 35 colors

39 fonts

Five & Dime Round Coaster In Khaki & Blue Five & Dime Coasters

2 shapes • 8 colors

Chalkboard Round Coaster In Sunburst Chalkboard Coasters

2 shapes • 5 colors

39 fonts

Picture Perfect Square Coaster In Sky Picture Perfect Coasters

2 shapes • 32 colors

25 fonts

Apothecary Graphic Square Coaster In Tuxedo Apothecary Graphic Coasters

2 shapes • 27 colors

28 fonts

Willow Square Coaster In Tidal Blue Willow Coasters

2 shapes • 16 colors

39 fonts

Jules Veneer Square Coaster In Burgundy Jules Veneer Coasters

2 shapes • 32 colors

24 fonts

Modern Museo Square Coaster In Tuxedo Modern Museo Coasters

2 shapes • 35 colors

39 fonts

Lafrenz Square Coaster In Navy Lafrenz Coasters

2 shapes • 10 colors

Lemonade Stand Round Coaster In Plum Lemonade Stand Coasters

2 shapes • 12 colors

Starry Sky Round Coaster In Sea Glass Starry Sky Coasters

2 shapes • 9 colors

Caption Round Coaster In Custom Caption Coasters

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Chevron Edge Square Coaster In Mint Chevron Edge Coasters

2 shapes • 24 colors

39 fonts

Apothecary Neat Square Coaster In Tangerine Apothecary Neat Coasters

2 shapes • 28 colors

39 fonts

Boston Brew Square Coaster In Charcoal & Cherry Red Boston Brew Coasters

2 shapes • 8 colors

1300+ icons

Elements Square Coaster In Black Elements Coasters

2 shapes • 36 colors

39 fonts

Personalized Graduation Beverage Coasters

Shop our custom graduation coasters for the perfect graduation party decor so you can raise a glass to the recent grad.

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