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San Rémy ⋅ custom graduation party labels

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San Rémy small circle labels

Small Circle Labels

0.938" circle  •  size info >

70 labels per sheet

choose from 5 colors

item: SPSR28

San Rémy large rectangle labels

Large Rectangle Labels

3.5" x 3.25"  •  size info >

6 labels per sheet

choose from 5 colors

item: SPSR16

San Rémy bottle collar labels

Bottle Collar Labels

2.125" x 1.375"  •  size info >

25 labels per sheet

choose from 5 colors

item: SPSR15

San Rémy text labels

Text Labels

1.875" x 2.75"  •  size info >

15 labels per sheet

choose from 5 colors

item: TLSR05

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San Rémy Style — Graduation Labels

San Remy is a regal design for your wine or beer… or ginger ale, or grape juice, or… This beverage label has all the hallmarks of Victorian Europe craftsmanship. Your ancient, closely guarded recipe, your traditions handed down from generation to generation, your carefully husbanded tools and equipment, are all expressed in this rustic, ancient design. (if by chance you don't have the closely guarded secret, or traditions handed down… well, we aren't going to say). The vellum scroll is waiting for your name or product, the swords and crown in the background suggest a family crest, and the frame and the award ribbon allows you to create a regal impression for the creation you have worked so hard to perfect. Customize your San Rémy graduation labels today to congratulate your hard-working grad!

About Custom Graduation Labels — San Rémy

San Rémy graduation labels are printed on your choice of coated paper or waterproof vinyl. These self-adhesive labels print with fine detail and rich color, and are easy to apply. They are available in tiny, medium and large sizes, in shapes of circles, squares, hearts, ovals, and others more intricate. In the case of the vinyl labels option, they are also very easy to remove. The square vinyl shapes, when applied to glass, metal or plastic, are re-usable when you peel them off starting at a corner and pull slowly—you can put them back on their carrier sheet and save them for the memories, or for another use.