Custom Hanukkah CD & DVD Labels

Custom Hanukkah CD & DVD Labels

personalized peel-and-stick labels

Add an extra layer of charm to your Hanukkah festivities with your own personally created Hanukkah CD’s or DVDs. Make a CD to honor those with whom you celebrate, and those you love. Deepen the meaning of Hanukkah by using them for a soundtrack of Hanukkah music or reciting of the blessings, or videos of your Hanukkah to share with others after the celebration. Then add a Hanukkah CD label to add a lot of style. Choose from the many Evermine Hanukkah styles and colors to make a label perfect for your celebration, and then personalize them with the words for your Hanukkah CD. The song list text, or list of stories or videos on the CD or DVD, will be placed around the bottom of the label. Some CD styles offer a place to put a photo, which will add an extra level of personalization to your Hanukkah CD labels. Choose a Hanukkah label style below to get started.





Your Design Cd Label In Custom Your Design

upload your design or image

Elements Icon Cd Label In Deep Blue Elements Icon

53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Elements Chalkboard Cd Label In Chalkboard Tuxedo Elements Chalkboard

4 colors

39 fonts

Brush Edge Cd Label In Cobalt Brush Edge

23 colors

39 fonts

Elements Watermark Cd Label In Deep Blue Elements Watermark

51 colors

39 fonts

Apothecary Graphic Cd Label In Cobalt Apothecary Graphic

27 colors

21 fonts

Jules Veneer Cd Label In Navy Jules Veneer

32 colors

25 fonts

Bonjour Cd Label In Cobalt Bonjour

25 colors

Apothecary Deluxe Cd Label In Cobalt Apothecary Deluxe

27 colors

39 fonts

Film Edge Cd Label In Cobalt Film Edge

23 colors

11 fonts

Boxicle Cd Label In Blue Boxicle

7 colors

Scallop Edge Cd Label In Cobalt Scallop Edge

23 colors

11 fonts

Elements Kraft Cd Label In Kraft Basic Elements Kraft

4 colors

39 fonts

Morocco Cd Label In Deep Blue Morocco

14 colors

39 fonts

Royal Suite Cd Label In Deep Blue Royal Suite

11 colors

Cara Cd Label In Deep Blue Cara

20 colors

Elements Burlap Cd Label In Burlap Basic Elements Burlap

6 colors

39 fonts

Shalom Cd Label In Deep Blue Shalom

4 colors

Metropolitan Cd Label In Deep Blue Metropolitan

29 colors

26 fonts

Vida Cd Label In Deep Blue Vida

20 colors

15 fonts

Treasury Cd Label In Blue Treasury

9 colors

27 fonts

Provencale Cd Label In Deep Blue Provencale

21 colors

Casablanca Cd Label In Deep Blue Casablanca

27 colors

40 fonts

Starry Sky Cd Label In Sky Starry Sky

9 colors

Apothecary Neat Cd Label In Cobalt Apothecary Neat

28 colors

29 fonts

Simple Edge Cd Label In Bahama Blue Simple Edge

23 colors

11 fonts

Chevron Edge Cd Label In Cobalt Chevron Edge

24 colors

11 fonts

Elements Cd Label In Navy Elements

36 colors

10 fonts

Caption Cd Label In Custom Caption

upload your design or image

Personalized Hanukkah CD labels and Hanukkah DVD labels

Use your words and photos or art with our styles, shapes and colors for perfect Hanukkah party celebrations. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

You pick the style, color and shape, then personalize the peel-and-stick labels, seals and stickers with your own words. The text on the ideas above are for example only. Small quantities are what we are all about so you can get just the amount you need for your Hanukkah celebration. Ordering is fast and easy, and you are sure to be happy with your custom personalized Hanukkah stickers, peel and stick labels, and seals: all of our standard personalized products are backed up with a money-back guarantee.

Our Hanukkah DVD label and DVD sticker styles have been carefully designed with a wide color palette developed for Hanukkah celebrations including the Festival of Lights, Chanukah, Chanuka, lighting a Menorah, Hanukkah presents, Hanukkah gifts, Dreidel spinning and other Jewish celebrations. Use your photos and words to create personalized stickers, seals and labels which are ideal to commemorate your very special day. Our Hanukkah labels, stickers, and seals are also perfect for other commemoration events such as graduations, birthdays, retirement, and housewarming.

Transform your Hanukkah party, Hanukkah CDs, wine or hand made favors into unforgettable memories with personalized custom labels, stickers and seals, as well as matching favor tags, note cards, place cards, Hanukkah coasters and beer mats from Evermine. All of our Hanukkah products, including peel and stick labels, stickers and seals, are customizable and personalized to fit your Hanukkah celebration perfectly.

And, find great ideas for your Hanukkah, with do it yourself personalized Hanukkah party favors and gifts. Visit the Evermine blog for easy Hanukkah party favor and gift ideas, including recipes and instructions on how to create your own do it yourself Hanukkah favors and gifts, and how to personalize them with Hanukkah labels stickers to create very special keepsake gifts. Use photos on labels, stickers and seals for very personalized and unforgettable favors and gifts.

Make your Hanukkah celebration extra special with personalized Hanukkah labels, stickers and seals from Evermine. Looking good has never been easier!