Custom Heart Tags

Custom Heart Tags

pre-punched heavy card stock  •  available in white or kraft

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Heart tags are a three-times special favor tag in honor of your very special person. Heart tags say 'love' by their shape, and when it's pure love and affection you want to express, this is the shape. Then choose a design that is perfect for your event; and finally, personalize them with your words. On some styles, you can add a photo of your special person or significant place or object. Added together all these wonderful options make these heart shaped tags the most eloquent party decorations you can find.


Step 1 - Choose a style






Elements Icon Heart Hang Tag In Cherry Red Elements Icon

53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Apothecary Graphic Heart Hang Tag In Siren Apothecary Graphic

27 colors

21 fonts

Apothecary Deluxe Heart Hang Tag In Serenity Apothecary Deluxe

27 colors

29 fonts

Apothecary Neat Heart Hang Tag In Rose Quartz Apothecary Neat

28 colors

29 fonts

Elements Heart Hang Tag In Burgundy Elements

36 colors

10 fonts

Chalkboard Heart Hang Tag In Tuxedo Chalkboard

5 colors

Modern Museo Heart Hang Tag In Radiant Orchid Modern Museo

35 colors

Caption Heart Hang Tag In Custom Caption

upload your own art or image

2 weeks ago
Daniele Favre-Panayotatos
3 weeks ago
Rebecca Arena
one month ago
Abigail Wujek
one month ago
Ericka Anderson
one month ago
Francie Lewis
one month ago
Laurie Billings
2 months ago
Katherine Uhl
2 months ago
Greta McCrary
2 months ago
Reta Tafelski
2 months ago
Susan Marsian-Bolduc
3 months ago
Sarah Paradise
3 months ago
Diana Romero
Metropolitan Heart Hang Tag In Lilac Metropolitan

20 colors

Vida Heart Hang Tag In Bright Pink Vida

20 colors

Floral Baby Heart Hang Tag In Purple Floral Baby

3 colors

Bonjour Heart Hang Tag In Bright Pink Bonjour

25 colors

Champagne Heart Hang Tag In Bright Pink Champagne

9 colors

Swing Heart Hang Tag In Sea Glass Swing

12 colors

Elements Burlap Heart Hang Tag In Burlap Basic Elements Burlap

6 colors

39 fonts

Elements Chalkboard Heart Hang Tag In Chalkboard Tuxedo Elements Chalkboard

4 colors

39 fonts

Boxicle Heart Hang Tag In Red Boxicle

7 colors

Katniss Heart Hang Tag In Mint Katniss

24 colors

Color Wash Heart Hang Tag In Lilac Color Wash

39 charms

7 colors

Morocco Heart Hang Tag In Blue Morocco

14 colors

Bordeaux Heart Hang Tag In Tuxedo Bordeaux

20 colors

Elements Kraft Heart Hang Tag In Kraft Basic Elements Kraft

4 colors

39 fonts