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Wonderful Holiday photo cards - vertical

Photo Cards - Vertical

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Wonderful Holiday photo cards - horizontal

Photo Cards - Horizontal

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Wonderful Holiday Style — Holiday Photo Cards

It's so simple to express a feeling of abundant joy, with this Wonderful Holiday style. The flamboyant hand-brushed lettering is so full of life that it explodes into swashes and swirls. The bold bar of color across the bottom, overlaid with your words, fills in the details. The back is flooded with the bold color of the bar, and there is room to write a longer message or add photos if you wish. Customize your Wonderful Holiday holiday photo cards today!

About Custom Holiday Photo Cards — Wonderful Holiday

Wonderful Holiday holiday photo cards measure 5" x 7", and are vertical or horizontal depending on the style. You can add a color photo, black and white, sepia, or another special effect. Holiday photo cards print on the front with your main photo and message, and on the back is a background design with room for photos and sometimes text as well. You can choose from our four lovely papers (luxuriously thick signature white or cream, shimmer white, or our thickly textured, white, extra-thick) and nearly unbendable board stock. You can also choose a special trim edge (scalloped, rounded corners, or another special shape). Not all trims are available for all holiday photo card styles; we pre-select for you the trim edges that work well with each style. Holiday photo cards and their envelopes come beautifully packaged in a box especially designed for them. Select the green "Personalize" button to begin customizing your Wonderful Holiday holiday photo cards today!