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Dottie ⋅ custom ingredient & text labels purple

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Dottie text labels

Text Labels

1.875" x 2.75"  •  size info >

15 labels per sheet

choose from 10 colors

item: TLDT05

Dottie oval text labels

Oval Text Labels

2.25" x 3.5"  •  size info >

8 labels per sheet

choose from 10 colors

item: TLDT07

Dottie Style — Text Labels

Dottie is from the fifties. Or maybe the forties. A curly-cute diner-style font is the fanciest thing about this design, everything else is pure and clean and simple. Bold horizontal color bars create contrast, and places to put your words. In addition to the main text, there is room for supporting text in an ultra-bold, small all-caps letter style. Simple and direct. No better way to say "enjoy"! Customize Dottie text labels today!