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2" circle

  • 0.938" circle for envelope & bag seals, secondary labels, bottle caps, poker chips
  • 1.25" circle for small bags, favor boxes, small jars
  • 1.5" circle for small bags, favor boxes, small jars
  • 1.75" circle for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags
  • 2" circle for small canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars
  • 2.5" circle for large canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars
  • 3" circle
  • 3.5" circle


Single Design

  • Single Design
  • Multi Design

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matte paper labels

  • matte paper labels
  • waterproof vinyl labels


20 labels

  • 20 labels
  • 40 labels
  • 60 labels
  • 80 labels
  • 100 labels
  • 120 labels
  • 160 labels
  • 180 labels
  • 200 labels
  • 220 labels
  • 240 labels
  • 280 labels
  • 300 labels
  • 320 labels
  • 340 labels
  • 360 labels
  • 400 labels
  • 440 labels
  • 480 labels
  • 520 labels
  • 560 labels
  • 600 labels
  • 640 labels
  • 680 labels
  • 720 labels
  • 760 labels
  • 800 labels
  • 840 labels
  • 880 labels
  • 920 labels



— OR —

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Easily order custom-printed labels online in any quantity; get just a few on a sheet or millions on rolls. Upload your custom design, or choose from one of our hundreds of design templates, then personalize it with your words, image, colors, and fonts. Get beautifully printed labels for your business products, your cottage industry goods, and for special events and gifting.

compare materials

Material Format Lamination Waterproof Adhesive Type Writable Dishwasher Safe Oil/Acid Resistant Freezer
Vinyl Sheet Removable Limited
Digimatte Sheet Permanent
BOPP Roll Gloss or Matte Permanent Limited
Semi Gloss Roll Gloss or Matte Permanent
Estate Roll Permanent

why labels?

  • Brand recognition
  • Make a positive impression
  • Demonstrate your professionalism
  • Make events special
  • Promote your company or your product

why evermine labels?

  • Over 20 years in the industry
  • Top quality
  • Fastest turnaround
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy online ordering
  • Thousands of design templates
  • Or upload your own design

why sheet labels?

  • Perfect for small quantities, up to 250
  • Ideal for homemade gifts, craft fair products, test markets
  • Many sizes and shapes, from 1" x 1" to 5" x 5"
  • Extra-fast order processing and shipping

why roll labels?

  • Order up to several million
  • Can be applied by machine or dispenser
  • Specify unwind direction
  • Lamination to protect against oils, acids & water
  • Any shape, any size
  • Request a quote for special orders
  • More affordable
  • Create less waste

which substrate to choose?

BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene) is the most widely used plastic for labeling. It is thin, tough, not stretchy, has a high melting point, is waterproof, inexpensive, has greater UV protection and is also resistant to grease, oil, water, and oxygen.

Paper is inexpensive, biodegradable, and is not waterproof. Many finishes and textures are available for paper, from smooth high gloss to soft matte, and specialty finishes such as 'estate', a beautiful, soft ribbed texture ideal for wine labels.

Vinyl is stretchy, thick, waterproof, white. Inks adhere nicely. Vinyl labels resist tearing, they are also resistant to moisture and humidity, and are weather resistant as well so they are ideal for outdoor applications.

which laminate to choose?

Matte laminate has a soft, organic finish, for when you want your product to have a gentle, quiet look.

Gloss laminate pops the colors. Labels with gloss laminate are bright and shiny and attract attention. Both finishes equally protect the labels from oils, acids and water.

writing on the labels?

Non-laminated paper labels can be written on. We recommend using a permanent marker. You can also use a date-stamp on non-laminated paper labels. Be sure to allow plenty of drying time.












gloss lamination

  • adds strength for ultra tear-resistance
  • light reflects brightly off the surface
  • adds a vibrant, shiny finish
  • scratch proof

matte lamination

  • adds strength for ultra tear-resistance
  • evenly-lit, non-reflective surface
  • a smooth, velvety texture
  • scratch proof


Order multiple designs in one order

multi design rolls
  • Order multiple designs in the same shape, size, label stock, laminate and quantity.
  • For example, get 250 labels each of Blackberry, Strawberry, Orange, and Grapefruit. As long as all the designs have identical shapes, sizes, and materials, they can be printed at the same time. They will be priced as one run of 1,000 - saving you LOTS!
  • There is an art change fee of $25 for each additional design.
  • Minimum quantity of 250 labels per design.
  • Each design will come on its own roll. Designs are not mixed on a single roll.

Questions? Special request? Call Evermine Labels at 1-855-EVERMINE or 1-855-383-7646