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WEDDING SHOPPING & SUPPLIES  |  : personalized gift and welcome bags and favor boxes  |  : elegant wedding favors and packaging  |  : cute honey and beeswax wedding favors  |  : print your names on M&M's for wedding and party favors

WEDDING PLANNING RESOURCES  |  : personalized honeymoon planning and honeymoon packages by the nation's leading honeymoon experts  |  : guide to the most romantic resorts & hideaways for honeymoons and destination weddings  |  : advice, ideas, shopping & department store registry  |  : a resource for California weddings  |  : creative ideas, advice, shopping

WEDDING SITE DIRECTORIES  |  : search extensive categories for wedding-related information  |  : your online wedding search engine

GIFT AND PACKAGING SUPPLIES  |  : tissue paper & fabrics for gift wrapping; also fills, ribbon, shipping supplies  |  : ribbon of all kinds: grosgrain, wire-edged, raffia, satin, tulle, organdy, curling


Swank Press  |  : for merchants who want to sell custom labels and tags on their site

BEER/WINE  |  : wine making supplies and information  |  : association of brewers web site  |  : beer and winemaking supplies, articles and recipes  |  : homebrewers message board, beer and wine supplies  |  : beer, winemaking supplies  |  : beer, winemaking supplies

FOOD/CRAFT  |  : the world's greatest recipe collection  |  : aromatic oils and supplies for food crafting, soap making, and aromatherapy  |  : Atkinson maple supplies, maple syrup bottles, syrup making equipment (Canada)  |  : forum for canning and preserving  |  : kitchenware, canning jars  |  : Ball & Kerr Web site for canning supplies  |  : European canning jars and bottles, canning equipment  |  : Round rim canning jars and European style juice bottles, canning equipment  |  : Smooth-sided canning jars and canning, beer, winemaking supplies  |  : large selection of bottles for all uses. Also metal tins.  |  : large selection of bottles and containers for drinks, oils, lotions, lip gloss, etc. Also bags for teas and potpourris.  |  : suppliers of glass jars and bottles, located in the UK.


iTunes Music Store   |  : for both Macs and PCs, over 6 million songs with 30-second previews  |  : high-quality WMA format

Amazon MP3  |  : DRM-Free music downloads for iTunes or Windows Media player

Yahoo! Music  |  : over 2 million songs (for Windows only)