The mission of Evermine is to make our little part of the world a wonderful place to be. And for those whose lives touch ours, to help make their world more wonderful as well. Those people include our customers, employees, the neighborhood, our city of Portland, the world, and the children of the future. Our special talent is making and selling the best short-run personalized printed products in the world, and we do it the very best way we can, and we keep doing it better all the time; for you, for us and for the present and future world.

Our goal is to help you celebrate the events that honor the most important and rewarding part of life — your relationships. Weddings, holidays, friendships, babies, birthdays. By providing you with elegant, fun, and most of all, personalized printed products. It’s all about your message — it’s your celebration, you get to make it anything you want.

We also give you resources to do-it-yourself. We know how easy it is, and it's fun, and it's good. Plus, your projects will be more lovely, delicious, pure and from-the-heart than any storebought product. We know, because that's what we do too.

Part of our purpose is to provide our team members with a livable income, healthcare, retirement programs, a respectful work culture, and an enjoyable workspace. It is also our goal to employ a diverse group of individuals, spanning race, gender, age, and other differences, as well as provide our staff with an engaging and diversified workload — we believe in efficiency without assembly lines! As a feature of a diversified workload, we take pride in transcending traditional work roles and find it refreshing to teach unexpected new skills and tasks.

The present and future world:
On a grand scale, making the world happier means we see ourselves as stewards of the earth, and therefore, we are working toward a time when our livelihood can actually contribute to a lush environment for all living things. Until we get there, right now we're minimizing our negative impacts and reintroducing folks to the old concept that we humans are actually a part of the earth's natural systems.

Think we’re a little idealistic? You bet we are! If everyone held onto their ideals and worked to make them happen, the world would be a wonderful place. We’re working hard to do our part, and our products are there for you, to help you do yours.