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Custom Pet Photo Gifts

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People love their pets. We know, we have pets too. Pets are people, only they speak differently. Pets and people are really the same, deep down inside, with similar wishes and emotions, the same desire for affection and attention. We depend on our animals, and our animals depend on us. This affection for our pets shows by the way our customers use our pet products. Below are just some of the many uses you'll find for them.

Pet Labels:
Evermine pet address labels are used to represent the family or the household. They are not really made for the pet's return address; really it's for the household's return address. Pets are also often shown on holiday cards to wish happy holidays to human family and friends. But people also make photo labels and tags just for their pets' enjoyment, such as when making dog treats or cat treats.

Pet Coasters:
For your beer or other drink in your man cave or your living room, use pet coasters, with a photo of your pet. Or, make these coasters for each of your friends who have a pet, after you have surreptitiously taken a super great photo of their pet, and placed it on coasters for a gift.

Pet Gift Tags:
Pet gift tags can go directly onto dog "bones" or on a bag containing dog bones or other animal treat. With your pet's name and photo. Everyone knows it's really you, but your pet makes it somehow different and special.

Evermine Blog:
The Evermine blog and this pet page are great resources for pet ideas to please your pets and your pet owner friends. Here you'll find dog cookies, flea shampoo, a bird feeder, and many more ideas. We hope you and all your friends and family will enjoy all of Evermine's pet products and inspirations you discover.

Everybody loves their pets! Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster, bunny rabbit, chicken, snake, sheep, goat, turtle, llama or horse, your pet is special to you. What better way to show off your pet than to put your pet's photo on a label, tag, card, or coaster. Custom printed labels, tags, or coasters with a beloved dog's photo can be used on gifts for the owner or gifts for the dog. Personalize your pet's treats and toys with custom pet labels. If you don't like your picture on things, you can use a photo of your pet for a unique holiday label. Dog wine labels or dog beer labels with coasters are a fun way to spruce up your homemade wine or beer bottles.

Put your pet's picture and name on our elegant custom-designed printed labels, envelope seals, favor tags, coasters and cards to create beautiful personalized welcome coasters, food or craft gifts, holiday gifts, bath creations, wedding and party favors, CDs and DVDs and more. And, if you can get your giftee's pet's picture, you can create personalized printed book plates as a gift that's much appreciated and remembered.

Our custom labels, stickers, seals, tags and coasters have been carefully designed and given a wide spectrum of colors that make them perfect for home made and home baked products, birthdays, graduations and other celebrations, wines, home brewed beer, ale and other drinks, bath and body creations, as well as many other products and events. Great designs, exacting quality, careful typographic styling of your words, the finest paper and printing, a commitment to getting it to you on time, plus excellent customer service means your order will look great and arrive exactly as promised. First, choose from our exclusively crafted styles, shapes, and colors, then create your own wording and add your photo or image in place of the examples you see pictured. Our low-price, personalized printed labels, printed tags, custom coasters and cards are the best in the industry. We are the source for inexpensive labels, tags and coasters that look professional, rich and elegant instead of cheap. We'll design, print and deliver labels, stickers, seals, favor hang tags, coasters and book plates with your pet's photo, that are professional yet personal and sure to impress.

Make your pet famous - and at the same time, transform your special event or handmade gifts into unforgettable memories with personalized custom pet labels, envelope seals, stickers, personal hang tags and customized coasters from Evermine. It's never been easier or more fun!