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Custom Photo Coasters

Custom Photo Coasters

3.9 inch coasters  •  packaged in sturdy kraft boxes

Photo coasters make very easy gifts, and unforgettable party starters. Create photo coasters of you, your family, your pets, your home, a place you have been, something amazing you have seen or done. Create one for a person's special birthday and put their photo on it. When we celebrated my mother's 90th birthday, the photo of her that we chose, was her dad's favorite photo of her when she was three years old. It was so cute. Put the coasters out on your tables and people will start talking at once. Somebody might even start to cry. Be sure to select a high-resolution image that is a good quality photo—sharply in focus, not high contrast; instead, evenly colored. Our design stylists work hard to make your photo look its very best but it always helps to start with a great photo.


Shapes and Sizes:

CO22 Circle
CO21 Rounded
die_cut_shape_2 Fancy
die_cut_shape_3 Double-Rounded
die_cut_shape_4 Scallop



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Your Design Round Coaster In Custom Your Design

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Willow Square Coaster In Gold Willow

2 shapes • 16 colors

39 fonts

Jules Veneer Square Coaster In Deep Coral Jules Veneer

2 shapes • 32 colors

25 fonts

Brush Edge Square Coaster In Mocha Brush Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Picture Perfect Square Coaster In Tuxedo Picture Perfect

2 shapes • 32 colors

5 fonts

Blooms & Bands Square Coaster In Pink Blooms & Bands

2 shapes • 6 colors

Meme Square Coaster In Custom Meme

2 shapes

Apothecary Neat Square Coaster In Cappuccino Apothecary Neat

2 shapes • 28 colors

29 fonts

Caption Square Coaster In Custom Caption

upload your design or image
2 shapes

Snow Day Square Coaster In Deep Gold Snow Day

2 shapes • 4 colors

Film Edge Square Coaster In Tuxedo Film Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

Scallop Edge Square Coaster In Pale Pink Scallop Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

trim Watercolor Droplets Square Coaster In Lime Watercolor Droplets

2 shapes • 9 colors

40 fonts

Noel Round Coaster In Jade Noel

2 shapes • 4 colors

Watercolor Confetti Round Coaster In Sea Glass Watercolor Confetti

2 shapes • 7 colors

Forest Fox Round Coaster In Sunburst Forest Fox

3 colors

Mod Folk Square Coaster In Blue Mod Folk

2 shapes • 5 colors

Starry Sky Round Coaster In Sea Glass Starry Sky

2 shapes • 9 colors

Simple Edge Square Coaster In Bahama Blue Simple Edge

2 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

Jubilation Square Coaster In Tuxedo Jubilation

12 colors

Vintage Burlap Square Coaster In Burlap Basic Vintage Burlap

6 colors

40 fonts

DIY Photo Coasters and Personalized Photo Beer Mats

Use your words and photos or art with our styles, shapes and colors. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

You pick the style, color and shape of your coasters, add your words, then personalize them even more with your photo or art. The text and images on the ideas above are for example only. Small quantities are what we are all about so you can get just the amount you need, and ordering is fast and easy. Plus, you are sure to be happy with your custom personalized coasters: all of our standard personalized products are backed up with a money-back guarantee (this does not include special requests including color or font changes).

Put your picture (or your friend's) and name on our elegant custom-designed printed coasters to create beautiful personalized welcome coasters.

Our custom photo coasters have been designed specifically for you to add your photos or art so you can have the ultimate in personalized items for your celebration or your product. The styles have been designed and given a palette of colors to make them adaptable for all kinds of special events, including weddings, baby's baptism, bar mitzvah, 21st birthday party, family reunion or special holiday. Wine, liqueur, beer and other home-brewed drinks including mead, root beer and ale are perfect candidates for an accompanying personalized coaster; as thank-you gifts to customers or to promote your business such as a bed and breakfast, real estate or other business that specializes in personal attention to individual customers. Transform your wedding, birthday, bridal shower, wine or beer gift, and graduation with homemade coaster favors that become unforgettable memories from Evermine. All of our products are customizable and personalized, and many of them are styled so you can easily add your own art or photo, then size and position it to your liking. Create unforgettable keepsakes with custom-designed coasters to go with your wedding champagne, for a surprise 30th birthday party or any other personal celebration. We provide the coasters, plus do it yourself favor ideas for all kinds of parties, bridal shower ideas and plenty of free recipes. Adding a personal touch to your celebration, from wedding to birth announcement, baptism, birthday, graduation, shower, anniversary, retirement, remembrance, or other special occasion has never been so easy or fun!

Personalized photo coasters are available in sets of 12 for less than $12. They are personalized with your words and photo or art, and are printed in color on one side on absorbent extra-thick coaster paper. Custom personalized coasters are printed on one side with waterproof inks on absorbent extra-thick coaster paper. A stack of 12 personalized coasters is about 3/4" tall. We use digital 4-color, high-resolution presses for fine detail and rich color. Round coasters measure 3.9 inches in diameter, and square coasters measure 3.9 inches square. Because the coasters are made of absorbent paper, they are by nature disposable; however they are quite durable and can withstand light use if not saturated with liquids or foods. They are the perfect keepsake if kept wrapped and not used. Coasters also make excellent favors or gifts for long-distance events because of their small size (they are easy to transport) and personalized message. They are perfect for a traveler to bring to a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, bar or bat mitzvah, baptism or other special celebration.

Make your gifts, celebrations and products extra special with personalized photo coasters from Evermine. Looking good has never been easier!