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Custom Photo Labels & Stickers

Custom Photo Labels & Stickers

  personalized peel-and-stick labels

The photo says so much more than words. Showcase your amazing home cooking (or brewing, or winemaking), celebrate a special person, or commemorate an event, with a photo on your label. For your homemade products, put a photo of the raw ingredients - strawberries for strawberry jam, for example, or hops for your beer. Or show a picture of your fabulous garden where the cucumbers are grown for your pickles, or the rolling hills of your vineyard. For the person whose birthday party you are putting on, use a photo of them when they were a baby or a child, or a current photo. For a baby shower, a sticker with an ultrasound photo is popular. If you are asking your best friend to be your bridesmaid, use a picture of her with you, from childhood perhaps, or recently with the two of you together at a fun event. There is no end to the wonderful ways you can create an ultra personalized label with the use of a special photo along with your words.

scallop labels Circles & Ovals

1.75" scallop – scallop labels

23 23

2" circle – circle labels

12 12

2.5" circle – large circle labels

11 11

0.938" circle – small circle labels

28 28

1.25" x 0.75" – small oval labels

14 14

2.25" x 1" – oval labels

09 09

2.25" x 3.5" – tall oval labels

07 07

3.5" x 2.25" – large oval labels

37 37

4.625" circle – CD labels

18 18

2" circle – circle photo labels

12 12
square labels Squares & Rectangles

1.9" x 1.9" – square labels

1B 1B

2" x 0.875" – small rectangle labels

02 02

2.5" x 1.25" – rectangle labels

03 03

1.25" x 3.75" – tall labels

04 04

1.875" x 2.75" – tall rectangle labels

05 05

2.75" x 1.875" – wide rectangle labels

06 06

3.75" x 1.25" – wide labels

34 34

4" x 3.25" – large wide labels

13 13

3.5" x 3.25" – large rectangle labels

16 16

3.25" x 4" – large labels

17 17

3.25" x 3.5" – large rectangular labels

20 20

2" x 0.875" – designer address labels

02 02

7" x 1.875" – bottled water labels

19 19
bottle collar labels Special shapes

2.125" x 1.375" – bottle collar labels

15 15

2" x 2" – fancy diamond labels

88 88

2" x 2" – fancy square labels

81 81

1.9" x 1.9" – diamond labels

8B 8B

1.75" scallop – scallop labels

23 23

1.75" heart – heart labels

24 24
text labels Text labels

1.875" x 2.75" – text labels

05 05

2.25" x 3.5" – oval text labels

07 07

Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes:

  • Circles & Ovals Circles & Ovals
  • SP23

    scallop labels

    1.75" scallop

    for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags


    circle labels

    2" circle

    for small canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars


    large circle labels

    2.5" circle

    for large canning lids, favor boxes & bags, small jars


    small circle labels

    0.938" circle

    for envelope & bag seals, secondary labels, bottle caps, poker chips


    small oval labels

    1.25" x 0.75"

    for envelope seals, secondary labels, small favor boxes, bags


    oval labels

    2.25" x 1"

    for envelope seals, small favor boxes & bags, small jars


    tall oval labels

    2.25" x 3.5"

    for favor boxes, quart jars, beer bottles, bags


    large oval labels

    3.5" x 2.25"

    for bottles, boxes, bags


    CD labels

    4.625" circle

    for CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray


    circle photo labels

    2" circle

    photo label

  • Squares & Rectangles Squares & Rectangles
  • SP1B

    square labels

    1.9" x 1.9"

    for pint jars,
    favor boxes & bags


    small rectangle labels

    2" x 0.875"

    for lip gloss, chapstick, secondary label, small favor boxes & bags


    rectangle labels

    2.5" x 1.25"

    for pint jars, small jars, small favor boxes & bags


    tall labels

    1.25" x 3.75"

    for splits, tall liqueur bottles, tall bags


    tall rectangle labels

    1.875" x 2.75"

    for quart jars, small bottles, bags


    wide rectangle labels

    2.75" x 1.875"

    for favor boxes & bags


    wide labels

    3.75" x 1.25"

    for bottles, boxes, bags


    large wide labels

    4" x 3.25"

    for beer bottles, quart jars, includes side text


    large rectangle labels

    3.5" x 3.25"

    for wine & beer bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags


    large labels

    3.25" x 4"

    for wine bottles, quart jars, boxes, bags


    large rectangular labels

    3.25" x 3.5"


    designer address labels

    2" x 0.875"

    for return addresses


    bottled water labels

    7" x 1.875"

    bottled water label

  • Special shapes Special shapes
  • SP15

    bottle collar labels

    2.125" x 1.375"

    $0.99 when you buy beer labels!

    for beer bottle necks, cigar wraps, lip gloss, chapstick


    fancy diamond labels

    2" x 2"

    for pint jars,
    favor boxes & bags


    fancy square labels

    2" x 2"

    for pint jars,
    favor boxes & bags


    diamond labels

    1.9" x 1.9"

    for pint jars,
    favor boxes & bags


    scallop labels

    1.75" scallop

    for favor boxes, small jars, spice jars, bags


    heart labels

    1.75" heart

    for favor boxes, small jars, bags

  • Text labels Text labels
  • TL05

    text labels

    1.875" x 2.75"

    for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions


    oval text labels

    2.25" x 3.5"

    for ingredients, quotes, stories, instructions




DIY photo labels DIY

upload your own art or image
27 shapes

Meme photo labels Meme

10 shapes

Vintage Burlap photo labels Vintage Burlap

2 shapes • 6 colors

Caption photo labels Caption

upload your own art or image
26 shapes

Iconic Halloween photo labels Iconic Halloween

2 shapes • 4 colors

Modern Museo photo labels Modern Museo

3 shapes • 35 colors

Scallop Edge photo labels Scallop Edge

13 shapes • 23 colors

11 font choices

Simple Edge photo labels Simple Edge

23 colors

Riva photo labels Riva

20 colors

Polka Dots photo labels Polka Dots

4 colors

Floral Baby photo labels Floral Baby

5 shapes • 3 colors

Film Edge photo labels Film Edge

13 shapes • 23 colors

11 font choices

Dreaming Daisies photo labels Dreaming Daisies

21 shapes • 22 colors

20 font choices

Five & Dime photo labels Five & Dime

10 shapes • 8 colors

Vintage Chalkboard photo labels Vintage Chalkboard

3 shapes • 4 colors

Doodle photo labels Doodle

3 colors

Lemonade Stand photo labels Lemonade Stand

6 shapes • 12 colors

Vida photo labels Vida

21 shapes • 20 colors

Steiermark photo labels Steiermark

3 shapes • 4 colors

Cherish Hearts photo labels Cherish Hearts

21 shapes • 20 colors

Lady Bug photo labels Lady Bug

3 colors

Katniss photo labels Katniss

8 shapes • 24 colors

Morocco photo labels Morocco

6 shapes • 14 colors

Kashmir photo labels Kashmir

4 colors

Cara photo labels Cara

21 shapes • 20 colors

Posies photo labels Posies

24 shapes • 14 colors

Bonjour photo labels Bonjour

25 colors

Hesse photo labels Hesse

4 shapes • 4 colors

Old Austria photo labels Old Austria

3 shapes • 4 colors

Lulu photo labels Lulu

4 colors

Swiss Dots photo labels Swiss Dots

20 colors

Vorarlberg photo labels Vorarlberg

3 shapes • 4 colors

Ancho photo labels Ancho

4 colors

Leilani photo labels Leilani

25 colors

Chank photo labels Chank

4 colors

Bumble Bee photo labels Bumble Bee

3 colors

Dottie photo labels Dottie

10 colors

Butterfly photo labels Butterfly

3 colors

China Blossom photo labels China Blossom

10 colors

Fifth Avenue photo labels Fifth Avenue

20 colors

Bouquet photo labels Bouquet

2 shapes • 12 colors

Swing photo labels Swing

2 shapes • 12 colors

Tiny Charms photo labels Tiny Charms

choose from 45 charms

21 shapes • 16 colors

Royal Suite photo labels Royal Suite

11 colors

Snowflake photo labels Snowflake

6 colors

Football photo labels Football

choose your team colors

164 color combos

Summer Garden photo labels Summer Garden

20 colors

Mermaid photo labels Mermaid

3 colors

Lil' Bug photo labels Lil' Bug

3 colors

Lolly photo labels Lolly

4 colors

Old Guys photo labels Old Guys

4 shapes • 4 colors

Boxicle photo labels Boxicle

24 shapes • 7 colors

Vintage Kraft photo labels Vintage Kraft

2 shapes • 4 colors

Soccer photo labels Soccer

choose your team colors

164 color combos

Basketball photo labels Basketball

choose your team colors

164 color combos

Baseball photo labels Baseball

choose your team colors

164 color combos

Circus photo labels Circus

6 colors

DIY photo labels, picture stickers and seals

Use your words and photos or art with our styles, shapes and colors. Ordering is fast and easy, and you can order just the amount you need!

You pick the style, color and shape of your labels, stickers or seals, add your words, then personalize them even more with your photo or art. The text and images on the ideas above are for example only. Small quantities are what we are all about so you can get just the amount you need, and ordering is fast and easy. Plus, you are sure to be happy with your custom personalized labels, stickers and seals: all of our standard personalized products are backed up with a money-back guarantee (this does not include special requests including color or font changes).

Put your picture (or your friend's) and name on our elegant custom-designed printed labels and envelope seals to create beautiful personalized food or craft gifts, holiday gifts, bath creations, wedding and party favors, CDs and DVDs and more. And you can create personalized printed book plates with your loved one's photo as a gift that's much appreciated and remembered.

Our custom photo wedding labels, stickers, seals and return address stickers have been designed specifically for you to add your picture or art so you can have the ultimate in personalized items for your celebration or your product. The styles have been designed and given a palette of colors to make them adaptable for all kinds of special events and products, including weddings, baby's baptism, bar mitzvah, 21st birthday party, family reunion or special holiday; and products such as home baked foods, jams, pickles, breads, cookies, candies, etc.; bath and body products, wine, liqueur, beer and other home-brewed drinks including mead, root beer and ale; as thank-you gifts to customers or to promote your business such as a bed and breakfast, real estate or other business that specializes in personal attention to individual customers. Transform your wedding, birthday, bridal shower, CDs, wine, and graduation with homemade favors that become unforgettable memories when finished with personalized custom labels, stickers and seals from Evermine. All of our products are customizable and personalized, and many of them are styled so you can easily add your own art or photo, and size and position it to your liking. Create unforgettable keepsakes with custom-designed labels on your wedding champagne, for a surprise 30th birthday party, CDs or DVDs for wedding music favors, photo seals on your invitations, or picture stickers on your wedding favors. We provide the labels, tags and coasters, plus do it yourself favor ideas for all kinds of parties, bridal shower ideas and plenty of free recipes. Adding a personal touch to your celebration, from wedding to birth announcement, baptism, birthday, graduation, shower, anniversary, retirement, remembrance or other special occasion has never been so easy!

Labels, stickers and seals are pre-cut and come on peel-and-stick sheets with 6-48 per sheet. Matching text labels are available for your story, names of participants, instructions, recipes, etc. Make your celebrations or products extra special with personalized photo labels, stickers and seals from Evermine. Looking good has never been easier!