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Vida custom photo postage stamps

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Vida small postage stamps

Small Postage Stamps

1.56" x 1.19"  •  size info >

20 stamps per sheet

choose from 20 colors

item: STVD30

Vida large postage stamps

Large Postage Stamps

2.25" x 1.44"  •  size info >

20 stamps per sheet

choose from 20 colors

item: STVD31

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Vida Style — Photo Postage Stamps

Simple ideas live long lives. Vida is a classic, destined for eternity. Vida shows off our beautiful, rich paper perfectly, with its clean, simple text, and lots of white space. The supporting font itself is pure elegance; a bold version of the all-caps copperplate family. The best way to describe this style is: clean, clear, simple and elegant. Customize Vida photo postage stamps today to give all your letters or cards a distinctive touch.

About Custom Photo Postage Stamps — Vida

Vida photo postage stamps come in two sizes—the small, 1.56" x 1.19" for small envelopes, and the large, 2.25" x 1.44" for large envelopes; there is more room on this size so your photo will be larger, as will your text. Evermine photo postage stamps are peel and stick; they come on sheets, and have the postal-style serrated edge. The space on the right side of each stamp is reserved for essential USPS information: bar code image and numbers, printer origination ID, etc.