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school name labels

Custom School Name Labels & Stickers

personalized peel-and-stick labels

small circle labels Circles & Ovals

0.938" circle – small circle labels


1.25" x 0.75" – small oval labels


0.75" x 1.25" – small oval labels


2.25" x 1" – oval labels


1" x 2.25" – small oval labels


2" circle – circle bookplates

small rectangle labels Squares & Rectangles

2" x 0.875" – small rectangle labels


0.875" x 2" – small rectangle labels


2.5" x 1.25" – rectangle labels


1.25" x 2.5" – rectangle labels


2.5" x 1.25" – small bookplates


1.875" x 2.75" – large bookplates


Shapes and Sizes Shapes and Sizes:





Your Design Rectangle Label In Custom Your Design

upload your design or image
5 shapes

Elements Icon Rectangle Label In Orange Elements Icon

5 shapes • 53 colors

39 fonts • 1300+ icons

Brush Edge Rectangle Label In Turquoise Brush Edge

5 shapes • 23 colors

39 fonts

Apothecary Graphic Rectangle Label In Sky Apothecary Graphic

5 shapes • 27 colors

28 fonts

Scallop Edge Rectangle Label In Cobalt Scallop Edge

5 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

Picture Perfect Rectangle Label In Deep Coral Picture Perfect

30 shapes • 32 colors

25 fonts

Jules Veneer Rectangle Label In Deep Green Jules Veneer

5 shapes • 32 colors

24 fonts

Apothecary Neat Rectangle Label In Sky Apothecary Neat

5 shapes • 28 colors

29 fonts

Lil' Bug Rectangle Label In Blue Lil' Bug

5 shapes • 3 colors

Caption Rectangle Label In Custom Caption

upload your design or image
5 shapes

Lolly Small Bookplate In Pale Pink Lolly

5 shapes • 4 colors

Fairy Rectangle Label In Pink Fairy

4 shapes • 4 colors

Forest Fox Rectangle Label In Sunburst Forest Fox

5 shapes • 3 colors

Airplane Rectangle Label In Blue Airplane

5 shapes • 3 colors

Elements Burlap Rectangle Label In Burlap Basic Elements Burlap

5 shapes • 6 colors

39 fonts

Baby Elephant Rectangle Label In Sky Baby Elephant

5 shapes • 3 colors

Floral Baby Rectangle Label In Purple Floral Baby

5 shapes • 3 colors

Bumble Bee Rectangle Label In Lilac Bumble Bee

5 shapes • 3 colors

Apothecary Deluxe Rectangle Label In Serenity Apothecary Deluxe

35 shapes • 27 colors

29 fonts

Modern Museo Rectangle Label In Lime Modern Museo

5 shapes • 35 colors

40 fonts

Elements Rectangle Label In Bright Pink Elements

5 shapes • 36 colors

39 fonts

Katniss Rectangle Label In Peony Katniss

5 shapes • 24 colors

Lady Bug Rectangle Label In Tangerine Lady Bug

5 shapes • 3 colors

Rustic Retro Rectangle Label In Blue Rustic Retro

5 shapes • 5 colors

Elements Kraft Rectangle Label In Kraft Basic Elements Kraft

5 shapes • 4 colors

39 fonts

Cherish Hearts Rectangle Label In Lilac Cherish Hearts

5 shapes • 20 colors

Royal Suite Rectangle Label In Kelly Green Royal Suite

5 shapes • 11 colors

Boxicle Rectangle Label In Blue Boxicle

5 shapes • 7 colors

Vintage Chalkboard Rectangle Label In Chalkboard Tuxedo Vintage Chalkboard

5 shapes • 4 colors

40 fonts

Dinosaur Rectangle Label In Tangerine & Red Dinosaur

5 shapes • 3 colors

Elements Chalkboard Rectangle Label In Chalkboard Tuxedo Elements Chalkboard

5 shapes • 4 colors

39 fonts

Ancho Small Bookplate In Blue & Orange Ancho

5 shapes • 4 colors

Morocco Rectangle Label In Sunflower Morocco

5 shapes • 14 colors

39 fonts

Persimmon Flower Rectangle Label In Pale Pink Persimmon Flower

5 shapes • 22 colors

40 fonts

Chevron Edge Rectangle Label In Mint Chevron Edge

5 shapes • 24 colors

11 fonts

Film Edge Rectangle Label In Tuxedo Film Edge

5 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

Simple Edge Rectangle Label In Bahama Blue Simple Edge

5 shapes • 23 colors

11 fonts

Personalized School Name ID Labels

Name labels for school supplies are the perfect thing for your children, even those who are too young to read. Use them to identify and find their belongings when they bring them to school, day care, a playgroup, or to the neighbor's house. At Evermine, you have several choices of small and medium label shapes, and many come fun designs, so there is one perfect for your child's style. Add your child's name and phone number or any other information you would like. Simply peel and stick each label to your child's belongings, and you're on your way to being able to retrieve them easily! At last, there is now an easy way to find and identify your child's belongings. To start personalizing, just choose a desired school name label style below.

Make it extra personal by creating your own design, save as a PDF, and upload it to use on one of our school name labels shapes. One of our staff favorites is to use the photo style—Caption or Custom style and add a photo of your child. No words, or simply their name. This makes it so easy for everyone to identify the item as your child's. Even if your child can't read yet, they can help to find their belongings. And the little friends who can't read yet, can help in the search.

Use School Name Labels On:
  • School Supplies, Pens, Pencils, Textbooks, Etc.
  • Lunch Bags and Boxes
  • Water Bottles
  • School Planners
  • Sporting Gear
  • And More.
Some Ideas to Put On Your School Name Labels:
  • The School Room Number
  • The Grade Your Child is In
  • The Teacher's Name
  • A Phone Number
  • Small Celebrations for Birthdays

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