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When you purchase products from evermine.com, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set forth herein and you are bound by them. Evermine reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without advance notice.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully when you purchase from us so you are aware of our current policies.

Your Evermine Account

  • To take advantage of some features on our site, you may need to create an account. For example, this will allow you to retrieve information about past orders and saved items.
  • The information we save is not shared with others and is only used to help you more easily and quickly complete your orders on our site.
  • While we attempt to keep your account information available for a reasonably long period of time, we reserve the right to remove your saved information at any time.
  • By creating an account, you agree to receive promotional emails from Evermine. You can request not to receive these emails in your account settings.

Copyright and Use of our Designs

  • All designs are copyright of Evermine © 2003-19 and cannot be used without express written permission. No reproduction in any form is permitted.
  • We have designed many styles which you can customize with your words to create something unique and personalized. These designs are only to be printed on the products we sell. Any alterations to the designs can only be made by us through a special request. We reserve the right to refuse any request.

Terms for Uploading Images

  • You must own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright holder for any images you upload to this website.
  • It is your responsibility to know if your image is copyright free. You are entirely responsible for any lawsuits brought against you if you choose to use images that you do not have the legal right to use. You agree to hold Evermine harmless from any claim brought against you from the use of copyrighted images. If in doubt, follow this guideline: If you did not take the photo or create the art, you need permission from the person who created it. If the image you want to use is copyrighted, it is a crime for you to use the photo or image without the written permission of the owner.
  • You warrant that you have permission to use the image of all persons appearing in your photos.
  • You must not upload any images containing material that is illegal, defamatory, x-rated, or that promotes racism, hatred, discrimination or violence.
  • You agree to allow us to use your uploaded images for the promotion of our products on our website, and in ads that promote our website. If you do not wish us to use your images, please let us know and we will immediately remove them from our library.
  • We reserve the right to remove images from our server for any reason at any time.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to publish any image.

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